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in Mariadb - Can you cache the indexes and data for Aria Storage engine tables?

I have a table that is a read-only table (real-time view), I used Aria based on the recommendation for read-heavy workload. Based on this What are the main differences between InnoDB and MyISAM? When ...
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Trying to find a way fit an extremely large index in to memory

Description: I am having trouble with the on-growing data size in my MySQL database. I am using Ejabberd and MAM function which will make use of an archive table to store messages sent between ...
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Query on large database much slower on HDD

I have the following table: CREATE TABLE `Geo1` ( `id` int(8) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `nameRef` int(8) DEFAULT NULL, `placeRef` mediumint(7) UNSIGNED DEFAULT NULL, `category` enum(...) COLLATE ...
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Changed MyISAM to InnoDB, huge performance loss [closed]

So I'm testing on our dev server to change MyISAM to InnoDB and am having a huge performance loss. Here is my.cnf: innodb_file_per_table=1 innodb_flush_method=O_DIRECT innodb_buffer_pool_instance=2 ...
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Row size too large (> 8126)

I have a table with 156 columns and most of them are either VARCHAR(1000) or TEXT. Now, when entering data into one such row, I get mysql_error() = Row size too large (> 8126). Changing some ...
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Innodb using key cache?

As Innodb is my default engine, all my tables are innodb. But while monitoring with the help of a tool, I found a constant spike in key_write_requests and key_read_requests. These two variables are ...
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MySQL 5.5 vs 5.6 with WordPress

We have a moderately busy WordPress blog that runs currently on MySQL 5.5, and I'm wondering if I would experience any significant performance upgrades by moving it to MySQL 5.6? Anyone know? I'd ...
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MySQL Performance Tuning for MyISAM

I need to performance tune a mysql server and need help. I have a 16G server dedicated to MySQL with 1 MyISAM table with about 2 million rows that gets a significant amount of traffic. There are ...
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How important is InnoDB versus MyISAM? [duplicate]

Does it really matter if the default storage engine is InnoDB? My default storage engine is MyISAM
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Optimal engine for small lookup tables in MySQL

I have following question: I am designing web application with several dozens of small lookup tables: These tables usualy contain three columns (ID, Name, Description) and a couple of rows (mostly ...
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Complex query performance in MySQL InnoDB versus MyISAM

I am running on MariaDB 10.0.15 on a 4GB RAM cloud server with Local SSD disk for database. My model: users <n---n> right_holders <n---n> tracks ---n> raw_detections I have this ...
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Doubts about Converting MyISAM to InnoDB (master/slave and more)

I want to convert my MySQL DB (46 Tables, 2.1 GB) from MyISAM to InnoDB. I have a couple of questions about this process. Since I have a Master/Slave structure, do I need to manage this and change ...
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How to update a (very) large table without locking in MySQL

I have a large table (58+ million records) which represents a relation between two records (player and target) in a second table. Unfortunately, whoever designed our schema didn't think things ...
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Only InnoDB databases locking up

I'm trying to troubleshoot my MYSQL in a LAMP and have an interesting situation. At first I thought MYSQL itself was locking up, but it turns out to be ONLY innodb databases that are locking up. ...
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WordPress MySQL writes during "Flush Tables With Read Lock" are rejected instead of being queued

I'm running into an odd issue when setting MySQL into a brief read-only mode for backup. Reads continue fine during that "read only" minute, but writes are just rejected instead of being ...
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