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MySQL Database Dump To Project Folder [duplicate]

Currently I am dumping my database (running under Linux Mint), from the command line, using the following:- mysqldump -u[user] -p[password] MyDatabase > MyDatabase.sql Now rather than dumping to ...
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What is the best way to reduce the size of ibdata in mysql?

I have some Production servers whose ibdata files increase in size day by day. It has already consumed 290GB of space. The tables in the servers are mostly InnoDB and there are high read and write ...
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What are the optimal mysqldump settings? [closed]

After some search I ended up with the following settings: mysqldump\ --host=localhost\ --port=3306\ --databases ****\ --user=****\ --password=****\ --default-character-set=...
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Does mysqldump -all-databases include all objects

Does mysqldump -all-databases include all objects ? I have to migrate all databases to new server.
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How to increase fast backup and restore of 500GB database using mysqldump?

There is a database A size of 500GB. Tables in database A contains both MyISAM and INNODB tables. MyISAM tables are master tables and Innodb tables are main transaction tables. Backup and restore ...
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MySQL replication: 'Duplicated entry for PRIMARY key'

Could you please help me to understand why I'm receiving 'Duplicated entry for PRIMARY key' on a slave server after a full re-sync. Basically 'mysqldump' was running almost whole night and then the ...
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Mysql backup strategies?

We have a innodb mysql database so we are lost with lots of different mysql backup strategies. Some talk about mysqldump some talk about third part tools. Some of the tables we also plan to run ...
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Non-Blocking MySQL Backup

I'm running a MySQL server with a couple of customer databases, some of which are quite large. We are doing a complete mysql dump once a day. It takes about half an hour to complete. During this time,...
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Is Percona xtrabackup the right choice for my 500GB MySQL backup?

I have a MySQL db with 500GB, consisting mainly of Innodb tables, and one big (200GB) MyISAM table. My current backup strategy is copying the db files to an external harddrive. This causes a downtime ...
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Is there a Successor or an Alternative to mk-parallel-dump?

Just read about mk-parallel-dump in a possibly-outdated version of High Performance MySQL. Sounded great, but when I went to download it I found out that it's deprecated with no equivalent command in ...
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MySQL backup with no downtime [closed]

I'm running a M/S replication of MySQL 5.5 / innoDB (over ubuntu). My DB is pretty large: ~250GB. I'm looking for a backup tool/service that will do the following: full backup no downtime / locks ...
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How to Create Snapshot Backups in MySQL

I've seen a lot of people talking about snapshots backup, even I'm reading a book about mysql but nobody explain the code how to make a snapshots backup. This is what the book says: flush tables ...
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Which hot backup tools for MySQL InnoDB database : Percona XtraBackup, Zmanda Recovery Manager Enterprise or Community or…? [closed]

I manage a PHP/MySQL website : max 500 simultaneous users / average of 4000 per hour in update/read 1 MySQL Community Server (5.1) - (Xeon / 16 Go RAM) InnoDB Storage engine on 100 tables for 1.4 Go ...
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MySQL: ERROR 126 (HY000): Incorrect key file for table + slow logical backups

I've got '/tmp' directory mounted with 'tmpfs' and for some reason this is causing the following error: mysql> SELECT DISTINCT table_schema FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema NOT IN ...
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MySQL dump - how to order tables?

It seems that mysqldump dumps tables in sequential order - using the same order tables are shown when running: show tables; I would like to reverse that order - is it possible to do without getting ...
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