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Which is faster, InnoDB or MyISAM?

How can MyISAM be "faster" than InnoDB if MyISAM needs to do disk reads for the data? InnoDB uses the buffer pool for indexes and data, and MyISAM just for the index?
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What is the performance impact of using CHAR vs VARCHAR on a fixed-size field?

I have an indexed column that stores an MD5 hash. Thus, the column will always store a 32-character value. For whatever reason, this was created as a varchar rather than a char. Is it worth the ...
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Which DBMS is good for super-fast reads and a simple data structure?

I am developing a product that, as a part of it's operation, must track a large number of files/directories. The idea is to store stat information in a database then, on boot, create watches for each ...
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Best of MyISAM and InnoDB

Is it possible to make InnoDB to use indexes same as MyISAM instead of clustered index due to limitation of RAM while getting benefit of its concurrency performance?
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How do you remove fragmentation from InnoDB tables?

I have a Database having number of tables. I want to delete some records from the tables say the no of records are more than 20K or 50K. The All the Tables are InnoDB. And file_per_table is off. ...
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way to prevent queries from waiting for table level lock

We've encountered a problem after moving the database of our customer to an extra server. This should have had positive effects on the site's performance, but there is a problem with table locking in ...
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MySQL table with 100,000 records queried often

I have a single database of about 100 tables to store various kinds of information. The most important table is our order table which is used to store customers orders and is over 100000 records as ...
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MySQL high CPU usage (MyISAM table indexes)

I have a problem with an inherited MySQL database. From time to time mysqld uses up to 2300% CPU.. The only solution is to service mysql stop and run an myisamchk -r on a table. After the indexes have ...
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Which mysql storage engine to choose?

I'm confused about which mysql engine should I choose (lets talk about the most used : MyISAM and InnoDB). The theories say: Both work with BTree indexes, but MyISAM can work with FULLTEXT index ...
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Optimal engine for small lookup tables in MySQL

I have following question: I am designing web application with several dozens of small lookup tables: These tables usualy contain three columns (ID, Name, Description) and a couple of rows (mostly ...
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MyISAM InnoDB performance

MyISAM vs InnoDB I keep reading how InnoDB is faster than MyISAM. I wanted to find out myself. When I was using a forloop in PHP to fill my MySQL test database with 100,000 numbers using PDO driver. ...
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