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Multi cores and MySQL Performance

Importance of RAM is an established fact but far less material is available about the importance of cores and multithreading when it comes to the usage of CPU by MySQL. I am talking about the ...
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How do I properly perform a MySQL bake-off?

I want to performance test (aka bake-off) MySQL server rpm against some other forks such as Percona server, MariaDB, and possibly some others. I'm hoping that by asking this question I can better ...
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Query runs a long time in some newer MySQL versions

I have created a database on MySQL 5.0.15. I have a query and when I run this query on this MySQL version, I get 0.9 s run time. When I import this database to another MySQL server with same hardware ...
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Mysql slowly uses memory until it starts to use swap

I am running a 1gb of RAM rackspace database server. For some reason in about 2 days the memory usage goes from using very little swap, to using 100mb. If I don't restart sql it will keep using more ...
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which mysql version to use - 5.1 or 5.5?

I am designing a new database. There are going to be around 1000 write queries per second. There may be as much as 10000 read per second. Which MySQL version is recommended? I came across a post on ...
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Why mysql 5.5 slower than 5.1 (linux,using mysqlslap)

my.cnf (5.5 and 5.1 is the same) : back_log=200 max_connections=512 max_connect_errors=999999 key_buffer=512M max_allowed_packet=8M table_cache=512 sort_buffer=8M read_buffer_size=8M thread_cache=8 ...
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When to switch from MyISAM to InnoDB?

We have a MySQL 5.0 server running all tables as MyISAM. We have two slaves that, in the last month, we have upgraded to MySQL 5.5. Their tables are also still MyISAM. My original plan was to upgrade ...
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The best MySQL configuration for my server

I'm little newbie in configuring mysql and I need some advices. Few days ago I made little home server on Ubuntu Server 12.04 with samba, mysql 5.5, apache 2.2, PHP 5.4.6 etc. I'm using it to ...
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MySQL 8, twenty times slower than MariaDB 10.3?

For years I have worked on some servers with Ubuntu + MySQL. Lately, the databases have become incredibly slow. Everything, including restoring databases from a dump. We are talking here about rather ...
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Mysql 5.0 on Windows 2008

I have a problem with MySQL on Windows Server 2008 x64. This is the first time I've installed MySQL 5.5 with performance problems. I decided to go back to the older version that worked well with ...
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