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How do I output MySQL logs to syslog?

I want to use syslog for logging MySQL(5.1.41) on Ubuntu(10.04 LTS). I found information that output error log to syslog. [mysqld_safe] syslog But I want to use syslog for logging general logs and ...
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Identify slow query without slow query logs in mysql server

I am wondering is there any other way to to check our slow queries without logging slow query. Suppose, I have a highily busy server can't afford to log much to save memory and I/Os. Then, is there ...
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MySQL general query log performance effects

One of our customers who has a somewhat problematic web application would like us to log all the queries for a period of 24 hours. I wouldn't know how much data it will actually write. The amount ...
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MySQL slow log configuration

Is there a way of making MySQL slow logs to start new log file every day ? At the moment its just a single large file, and have to grep lines for every day. It would be much more convenient to have ...
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How to enable MySQL general log?

I would like to enable the MySQL General Log to view all the (slow) queries. I'm using XAMPP as server and have no idea how to enable it. I can't find a good guide on the internet. Can someone help ...
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Investigate peak in MySQL throughput

Recently one of our servers has ran out of memory and crashed. After reviewing the munin graphs, it appears that the only metric (other than memory usage) that peaked just before the crash was the ...
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Create a custom log table in MySQL

Is it possible to create a custom log table. For example I have 10 schema and I would like to log if somebody is using the "areva" schema. I want to know the last executed command time and the user. ...
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How to keep MySQL general_log after I restart my computer?

I use a statement set global general_log = 'ON' to enable the general_log on my computer. After I restart or shutdown it, I have to run the statement again. How can I config MySQL write general log ...
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What is stored in mysqld-slow.log?

My MySQL log directory contains the following files: 7.9K mysqld.err-old 4.0G mysqld-slow.log 94 mysql.log 93M mysqld.err mysqld-slow.log contains a long list of queries with some ...
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Track SELECT statements on specific tables

I'm searching for a way to keep track of any SELECT statements on a specific table in a database where logs are not enabled. I can't find any solutions to this except to force people to use a stored ...
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