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Optimizing InnoDB default settings

I looked into my.ini and saw various default settings. My database is running on a single stand-alone PC. I want to optimize the performance of InnoDB and MySQL in general for performance. There is no ...
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Capabilities of InnoDB INSERT Performance

Hi I am running the most recent version of Percona Server. Server version: 5.5.24-55 Percona Server (GPL), Release 26.0 I have a 10 cpu box of these characteristics. processor : 0 vendor_id ...
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Amazon RDS MySQL 5.5 Innodb Lock wait timeout exceeded

Ever since we've moved to Amazon RDS, we've had some pretty crazy performance issues, and today we started having locking issues. Because of that, I figured it was just a timeout issue, and went to ...
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When should I think about upgrading our RDS MySQL instance based on memory usage?

It seems like our DB server is doing garbage collection at a increasingly faster rate, which seem normal since it's growing. What's a good rule of thumb of when to switch to a bigger instance, I'm not ...
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Scaling Percona datacenters: setup and replication

Since our startup has taken off nicely we are now meeting with some of those issues that you always assumed would NEVER effect you. We have already scaled alot of our application stack: we offloaded ...
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MySQL 5.1 to 5.6: massive performance hit

Okay, this is possibly three questions. I want to move my existing MySQL 5.1 database using MyISAM to 5.6 using InnoDB for what I think are a host of obvious -- and possibly even good -- reasons. ...
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Aborted connection (Got an error reading communication packets) MySQL on Amazon RDS

I'm getting the following warning in MySQL: Aborted connection (Got an error reading communication packets) I'm using Amazon RDS for MySQL hosting. Both MyISAM and InnoDB storage engines are used (...
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MySQL 5.5 Runs Out of Memory, Drops All Connections When Creating Many Databases

I'm running into a problem when I create a large number of databases consecutively on an Amazon RDS db.m1.large instance. The MySQL Engine Version is 5.5.23. At some point, the RDS instance drops all ...
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MySQL Community Edition Capacity

I am using MySQL Community Edition on Amazon RDS service. It is a very large database, 2/3 tables has about 10 millions records and 4-5 tables has 7-8 millions records. Questions How much capacity ...
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Updating/Inserting 2000 entries takes over 12 hours to complete

I have three tables of around 10 million rows each in MySQL on Amazon RDS and I am finding the insert/update performance to be VERY slow. Each table contains unrelated data. Each table is regularly ...
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MySQL 5.6.34 RDS Warning: a long semaphore wait causes crash -- log included

I had my RDS MySQL 5.6.34 server crash under normal load with nothing out of the ordinary today (That I could find). Amazon support pointed me the the error log. MySQL config: https://gist.github....
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select count(*) in mysql 5.5 innodb-- rewrite advice?

I need advice on how to rewrite a select count(*) query for innodb tables mysql 5.5. in new environment its very slow... select count(*) from mails3 join questions using (question_id) where ...
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What is the best and most performant MySQL cloud solution?

I'm looking for a solid solution (~1GB of DB space). Speed is crucial and I'm happy to spend up to $100 a month on a decent solution. The database will be used by a series of desktop applications ...
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