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CASE statement issue [duplicate]

Can anyone help with this error? SQL: SELECT InvoiceDate, BillingAddress, BillingCity, Total, CASE WHEN Total < 2.00 THEN 'Baseline Purchase' WHEN Total BETWEEN ...
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What is wrong with this statement? 'Unknown column'? [duplicate]

I'm not used to the 'as' keyword and I thought it would be a nice idea to use it. So why do I get an 'unknown column' (eid) error? I use mysql... select t1.index as eid, t1.col1 as col1, t1.col2 as ...
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group by+where on calculated column [duplicate]

SELECT SUM(a)-SUM(b) AS c1, SUM(a) AS c2, SUM(b) AS c3 FROM tbldoc GROUP BY Cid WHERE c1<>0 If you take ( WHERE c1<>0 ) not error Thank you Answer
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Using Alias in Calculations [duplicate]

I know that this Problem was addressed before but my SQL knowledge is not that good to figure it out. Maybe you can help me. select ProductionLine, Product, POId, BatchNumber, ...
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Does SQL Server read all of a COALESCE function even if the first argument is not NULL?

I'm using a T-SQL COALESCE function where the first argument will not be null on about 95% of the times it is ran. If the first argument is NULL, the second argument is quite a lengthy process: ...
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Logical operators OR AND in condition and order of conditions in WHERE

Let's examine these two statements: IF (CONDITION 1) OR (CONDITION 2) ... IF (CONDITION 3) AND (CONDITION 4) ... If CONDITION 1 is TRUE, will CONDITION 2 be checked? If CONDITION 3 is FALSE, will ...
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Alias of COUNT is not being "recognized" by SQL Server

I have restored the Northwind database( from a backup file using SQL Server. Trying to execute the following query results in error "Invalid column name '...
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Why do I need to use a sub query to filter down a grouped select?

If I do this -- SELECT dv.Name ,MAX(hb.[DateEntered]) as DE FROM [Devices] as dv INNER JOIN [Heartbeats] as hb ON hb.DeviceID = dv.ID WHERE DE < '2013-03-04' GROUP BY dv.Name ...
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SQL join on an edited field

I'm trying to join Table1 and Table2 on the Url fields. However all the Urls in Table2 end with a "/" as per the example below: Table1 ╔═════════════════════╗ ║ Url1 ║ ╠═══════...
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Invalid Column Name on CONCAT_WS

Sorry if this seems like rambling I'm not typically a DB person just trying to work through an issue. I have two tables cases and legal_entity the data on the two tables looks like this legal_entity ...
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I report SQL sysntax error [closed]

I'm getting sql error for the below select (select ((Select count(student_hash)from ssa.survey_results where question_master_id in (22)and center_id=101100 and answer_master_id in (95,96))*100/ (...
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