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MySQL using more memory than allocated in InnoDB

I have a Ubuntu 20.04 machine with 64 GB of RAM that is used both as a web server and for MySQL version 8.0.35. I am using InnoDB, but even if the innodb_buffer_pool_size variable is set to 128MB, the ...
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Safe values for InnoDB variables when using FULLTEXT searches

I'm using Maria DB, version 10.2.22, where one database column uses FULLTEXT for a broad document searching. However, I've ran into a "Table handler out of memory" on some searches. The ...
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Tuning MYSQL 8.0.32 for my server

EDIT: User @mustaccio let me acknowledge that I must present the problem that motivates the need for the tuning: There are querys running faster in an older server, less powerful, MySQL Version 5.7....
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Best Innodb Buffer Pool Size for 8GB RAM?

I found out that my MySQL server is configured with only 128MB for innodb_buffer_pool_size. That is not enough considering that I have a 8GB RAM server. It hosts MySQL server and an Apache/Catalina ...
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AWS Aurora running out of freeable memory and crashing

We have an issue with our AWS Aurora MySQL instance running out of freeable memory and crashing as a result. AWS's response was to upgrade to a bigger instance, but I don't feel that will necessarily ...
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Mysql 5.7 innodb_buffer_pool_size - zero I/O?

I have a question regarding Mysql server 5.7, put the correct value for innodb_buffer_pool_size or increase RAM. Maybe I'm wrong, I'm not an expert, but let me explain what is it about. Server ...
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should I change mysql platform for higher innodb_buffer_pool_size?

Currently Im running a 160G MySQL database on Xampp (Windows). But Xampp has upper limit for innodb buffer pool size of 4G. My computer has 16G RAM. So if I want to make full use of resources, should ...
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Possible to make MySQL use more than one core?

I've been presented with some dedicated MySQL servers that never use more than a single core. I'm more developer than DBA for MySQL so need some help Setup The servers are quite hefty with an OLAP/...
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Optimization: Increase Innodb_pool_size useful?

We run an AWS RDS instance with 8vCPUs and 64GB memory. All tables are using InnoDB engine. I have kept the default setup of innodb_pool_size to be half the memory. What I see is that almost 30Gb of ...
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Extremely slow requests on small innodb tables

The situation is the following. Two InnoDB tables, one has 2 records, another one - 281 - small ones, insert and update requests may last up to two (!) minutes. Dropped db, created again. The ...
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Optimising InnoDB configuration in MySQL80 Server

I have a WAMP production environment, currently running Apache24, MySQL57, PHP73 on two Windows Server 2016 servers - an application server and a dedicated database server - and I'm toying with the ...
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DELETE command not completing on 30,000,000 row table

I have inherited a database and am looking to clean and speed it up. I have a table that contains 30,000,000 rows, many of which are junk data inserted due to an error on behalf of our programmer. ...
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Occasionally simple queries are slow with InnoDB caused by slow query end [closed]

We are having serious issues with one of our productions servers. The setup in question is CentOS 7 64-bit server with 16 GB of ram and 250GB SSD (so the setup should be very fast). The LEMP stack is ...
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What to set innodb_buffer_pool and why..?

I have 170GB of InnoDB index and Data. I have to readjust the innodb_buffer_pool size for better performance.The Max table size of a InnoDB table(Index+data) is 28GB. So what should be the optimal ...
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What settings should I use in my.cnf

We have about 5-6 different internal webapps (staff use only) that we will be transferring across to a new virtual server, however I need to setup our my.cnf settings first and I am lost (I am web ...

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