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should I change mysql platform for higher innodb_buffer_pool_size?

Currently Im running a 160G MySQL database on Xampp (Windows). But Xampp has upper limit for innodb buffer pool size of 4G. My computer has 16G RAM. So if I want to make full use of resources, should ...
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Optimising InnoDB configuration in MySQL80 Server

I have a WAMP production environment, currently running Apache24, MySQL57, PHP73 on two Windows Server 2016 servers - an application server and a dedicated database server - and I'm toying with the ...
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Tuning MYSQL 8.0.32 for my server

EDIT: User @mustaccio let me acknowledge that I must present the problem that motivates the need for the tuning: There are querys running faster in an older server, less powerful, MySQL Version 5.7....
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