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Optimization: Increase Innodb_pool_size useful?

We run an AWS RDS instance with 8vCPUs and 64GB memory. All tables are using InnoDB engine. I have kept the default setup of innodb_pool_size to be half the memory. What I see is that almost 30Gb of ...
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Optimising InnoDB configuration in MySQL80 Server

I have a WAMP production environment, currently running Apache24, MySQL57, PHP73 on two Windows Server 2016 servers - an application server and a dedicated database server - and I'm toying with the ...
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MySQL query very slow for one object, very fast for others

I have a table for Items and then a table for Parameters where each Item can have multiple Parameters. Each Parameter object has a foreign key back to its Item. I also have a Parameter Type table that ...
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Extremely slow requests on small innodb tables

The situation is the following. Two InnoDB tables, one has 2 records, another one - 281 - small ones, insert and update requests may last up to two (!) minutes. Dropped db, created again. The ...
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