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What are reasons **NOT** to use the MEMORY storage engine in MySQL?

I recently discovered that MySQL has a "memory" engine that I wasn't aware of (most of my database work is for hobby projects so I learn what I need as I go). It seems like this option should give me ...
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Is InnoDB Engine up to speed against Memory Engine?

I am exploring the efficiency of different database engines in MySQL version 5.5.18 to see which is best suited for use with a range query on a dataset of 5 million rows: SELECT P.col1, P.col2, P....
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Mysql Memory table getting many locks

On my site I log every pageview (date, ip, referrer, page, etc) in a simple mysql table. This table has the following activity: 1 SELECT per minute 1 DELETE per minute no UPDATE queries Lots of ...
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MySQL: sysbench test - InnoDB vs Memory tables

I've done some tests in order to investigate performance issue on the new HP Gen8 server (Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 0 @ 2.30GHz) I've created two tables, first one is using InnoDB storage engine ...
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Is there a way to enable MariaDB MEMORY storage engine for every table?

I am new to MariaDB and interested in using it because I want to use MEMORY storage engine for every table. I read MEMORY storage engine on and it seems like I had to specify storage ...
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What is the fastest way to insert data into MySQL memory table?

I need to insert 10M+ records into a MySQL memory table. A naive approach was to pipe records using shell, e.g. $ tail -10 ~/Desktop/test.sql INSERT INTO `test` (`a`, `b`) VALUES (4, 5); INSERT INTO ...
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MySQL lock on MEMORY storage engine, when does it apply?

I want to use MySQL MEMORY storage engine to handle my PHP session variables (actually I already implemented it but since all my tests are being done by a single user, me, I am unable to notice this). ...
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Why MySQL performs so poor on SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS?

I've installed MySQL server with many databases that use the InnoDB engine. With lots of procedures in each DB, mysql.proc table contains more than 250,000 rows and it becomes ultimately slow when I ...
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Is the Memory engine adequate for a read intensive/lookup table?

I have an InnoDB table with just two columns, a VARCHAR(20) and a DATETIME, and around 4M rows. This table serves as a blacklist for other tables, and is truncated and recreated from a csv file from ...
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How Much Resources Does the BLACKHOLE Storage Engine Consume?

I'm going to add a MySQL Relay Slave which use BLACKHOLE Storage Engine. The relay slave will just filter some databases binlog to downstream slave. Our MySQL Master generates about 15G a day in ...
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Why is table opened every time a query is executed against it?

I execute this SQL command twice and profile select * from sbtest.sbtest2 limit 100; The first time profile result is mysql> show profile for query 1; +----------------------+----------+ | ...
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