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How can I monitor the progress of an import of a large .sql file?

I am importing a 7 GB foobar.sql to restore a table in a local database. $ mysql -h localhost -u root 'my_data' < foobar.sql $ mysql --version /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0....
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Why does InnoDB store all databases in one file?

It was convenient that MyISAM used to store each table in a corresponding file. InnoDB has made advancements in many aspects, but I wonder why InnoDB stores all databases in one file (ibdata1 by ...
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Is innodb_file_per_table advisable?

We have an application where just one of the table will be growing into million of lines but the rest will just below a million. So what is the advice should we go with innodb_file_per_table or leave ...
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Will OPTIMIZE TABLE have any impact on my data?

I'm having issues with a database that is getting quite slow. The analyzer in phpMyAdmin recommends that I run OPTIMIZE TABLE on my tables. But before doing so, I would (of course) like to know if ...
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Adding an index very there a mysql cmd to get an ETA or show progress?

I'm currently running an alter query on my table (20M entries) in order to add an index. it's running for more than 3 days already (stuck on 'copy to tmp table'). is there a way I can see the ...
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Can I see the status of a "repair by sorting" in mysql?

I am running an alter statement on a very large table. show processlist shows the state as "Repair by sorting". Is there a way to see the status, or get an estimate of how much work has been ...
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Maximum table size for MySQL database server running on Windows (NTFS) Table type InnoDB

I need to design database to store information contained in millions of log files generated by devices on trial on network. I have designed 5 different tables to store log file information. But, as ...
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Why should I use InnoDB and MySql instead of XtraDB and MariaDB? [closed]

Why should I use InnoDB and MySql instead of XtraDB and MariaDB, except that InnoDB and Mysql happen to be installed by default on my servers? Why isn't MariaDB and XtraDB installed by default ...
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Is it possible to estimate how much time is left for a DROP statement?

I made this query : ALTER TABLE dbname.tablename DROP COLUMN columnname and it's been running for a few hours and I wanted to know how much time would it still be going. There are approximatively 750m ...
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Any way to force "garbage collection" in TokuDB?

Playing around with TokuDB I'm finding even after "optimize table" for things such as changing row compression or other DDLs it takes a non deterministic amount of time for freed space to be reflected ...
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