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Script to setup MAXDOP [duplicate]

I need to script toi set MAXDOP. ----I have this script---- select cpu_count, case when cpu_count/hyperthread_ratio >8 then 8 else cpu_count/hyperthread_ratio end as optimal_maxdop_setting from ...
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MAXDOP Setting on a SQL Server [duplicate]

When upgrading and creating my new SQL server farm on 2016 I researched things to set on the server, one being MAXDOP setting. From reading up about the setting I have set it at 8 on a server that has ...
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Max Degree of Parallelism for SQL Server 2008 [duplicate]

Microsoft have recommendations around setting MAXDOP on various versions of SQL Server, but this (old) article raises some issues and recommends setting MAXDOP = 1 generally for SQL Server 2005 and ...
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What is the MAXDOP value for the server which doesn't have NUMA [duplicate]

Im using a SQL Server with the below configurations. 4 Core. 8 Logical processors. No NUMA. NO hyperthreading. I read this Doc: Recommendations and guidelines for the "max degree of parallelism" ...
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SQL Server MAXDOP , microsoft reommendation [duplicate]

Microsoft's recommendation for setting MAXDOP is based on logical processors count. On my server which has one hex core CPU, hyper threaded,6 physical ...
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Need to know how to check how much time job takes to complete execution [duplicate]

How we can determine how much time a job takes to execute in sql server, I have a job which runs every hour, I also having some performance issue so I wanted to check if the performance issue is ...
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CPU clock speed versus CPU core count - higher GHz, or more cores for SQL Server?

We are beginning to provision a set of physical servers for a virtual cluster of SQL Server 2016 nodes within VMware. We will be utilizing Enterprise Edition licenses. We plan on setting up 6 nodes, ...
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Need to understand parallel query execution error

Today we experienced a degradation in performance on our production sql server. Durring the time this occurred we logged several "The query processor could not start the necessary thread resources ...
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Upgrade SQL Server 2000 database to 2008 R2 and enable new features

I have recently upgraded SQL Server 2000 database to 2008 R2. What I did was: Shutdown SQL Server 2000 (express) service on old machine, Move datafiles (mydatabase.mdf and mydatabase.ldf) to new ...
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SQL Server max memory, page file, max degree parallelism

Three questions hope you DBA masters of the universe can answer: I know it is best practice to set SQL Server's max memory. So if a server with 44 GB RAM has SQL Server installed we should set the ...
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Does CPU utilization affect the cost of foreign NUMA access?

Scenario Let's assume I have a SQL Server with 4 sockets with each 1 NUMA node. Each socket has 4 physical cores. There is 512 GB of memory total so each NUMA node has 128 GB of RAM. A key table is ...
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Insert into table select * from table vs bulk insert

I just wanted to know that SQL Statement INSERT INTO TABLE1 SELECT * FROM TABLE2, will work same like bulk insert ? If no, Is there any way exclude index while inserting records. Process is inserting ...
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MAXDOP Settings for SQL Server 2014

I know this question has been asked number of times and also has answers to it but, I still need a bit more guidance on this subject. Below is the details of my CPU from SSMS: Below is CPU tab from ...
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Migrate all databases from one SQL Server 2005 to another

We have a production SQL Server 2005 server on which we are hosting 200 databases. We want to host these databases on our new server. On new server SQL Server 2005 is installed and is ready. I want ...
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SQL Performance issue after migration from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2012

Yesterday we migrated a SQL Server 2005 database to SQL Server 2012. We made a full backup and restored it on the new server. Problem now is that the database on SQL Server 2012 is much slower than ...

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