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Is raid 5 suitable for a mysql installation?

Is raid 5 suitable for a mysql installation? Let me explain my application further. My application is a socket programming which will connect with gps device to receive gps string and there after do ...
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What can we do in MySQL 5.0 Replication to address bandwidth concerns?

I am developing an application to run on the client PC (Win) which is configured with a MySQL server 5.1 instance that will act as read-only slave to the remote master. The remote master has dozens of ...
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Best way to setup master to multi master replication

ORIGINAL QUESTION: I have multiple servers that all need to act as masters, as if one fails the next server kicks in and takes over. I'm just wondering what the best way to replicate is. All servers ...
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Best solution for cross-datacenter MySQL master-slave replication

We are working on a new system architecture for our company. We have a HPC, which runs in our own data-center and we are planning our front-end and a fallback system on Amazon Web Service. System ...
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Mysql Master-Master Replication Topologies on >2 machines

I have 3 Mysql servers that I would like to replicate: two (including the main server) are local and one is remote. Let's call my main server A, the secondary server B, and a remote, development ...
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MySQL high availability, failover and replication with Latency

We are in the process of implementing a new CMS (Drupal 6.x) that runs on MySQL. We have two data centers -- primary and secondary -- with known latency between them. We're unsure which version of ...
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With MySQL Replication, what level of resilience is possible?

I've found lots of good material on setting up MySQL replication, but not much on what to do in the event of failures. Understanding the degree of resilience I can achieve is fundamental to designing ...
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Estimating distribution of row access in mysql

I am trying to get an idea of the size of the "hot data" part of a rather large table, and I was wondering if this could be done directly in mysql. I know that with the percona version of mysql, I can ...
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Mysql database replication on different vlan/subnet/another site

Saw the posts for "MySQL high availability, failover and replication with Latency" Is it possible to work it in a DR site when its not in the same vlan?
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How to use MySQL Server 5.6 for GeoIP replication?

I have downloaded the new MySQL Community Server 5.6 and I dont quite understand how to use it properly for GeoIP based replication across 20 nodes. I want to have one central node, then three smaller ...
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