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Is it possible to restrict SQL Server DB_Owner when connecting using SQL Server Mgt Studio? [duplicate]

Here is the back story. A developer created an EXE program. The exe program has the ability to access a SQL Servre database. In order to do that we create an Active Directory group. Let's call this ...
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Restrict connection to SQL Server By IP [duplicate]

On a QA server I need to give access to specific login from just one IP to log to this server. I wrote This login trigger Create TRIGGER tr_CheckIP ON ALL SERVER FOR LOGON AS BEGIN ...
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How to restrict SQL Server database access to application or server running the application [duplicate]

I have a third-party application that connects to a SQL Server database via a SQL Server Native Client 10 ODBC data source. The application requires that each user of the application must have read/...
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How to block user access to perform database application update?

Where I work we have a SQL Server database (Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2) that serves as the back-end with two different user interfaces, a .NET web interface and a FoxPro interface. Every month we ...
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SQL Server 2012 - SA account probe

On one of my servers (Win 2012 R2), SQL Server 2012 is constantly under attack with the SA account being hit like 10 times per second with different passwords. I don't have an SA account but still I ...
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Protect SQL Server from hackers

Today, my SQL Server 2008 is attacked by hacker from IP address in China [4300 Login failure in last 7 hours]. I contacted GoDaddy support and below is what they told me. EXEC sp_readerrorlog 0, 1, '...
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Make a database inaccessible through "sa" user but should be accessible through another user

I have a database BugTracker which is accessible from "sa" user. I have just created new user AdminBugCatcher. I have also mapped "BugTracker" database with this user. But this database should not be ...
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Deny access to one database, allow all the rest

How can I deny access to specific databases from a login? I know that I can walk through and make the login a db_owner on all the ones I want the login to have access to, but how do I do the opposite?...
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Avoid user login Directly to AlwaysOn High Availability Primary

I have setup an AlwaysOn High Availability in Sql Server 2014. my IP addresses are according to this : -- Listener -- Replica -- Primary Right now users ...
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How secure is a linked server in SQL Server

I am in a situation in which I should doubt everyone (even my developer team and database admin) so I want to Log all the logons made to my server. I have two SQL Servers, say A and B. I want to log ...
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Denying direct remote access to SQL Server

I am trying to stop our valid database users accessing our SQL Server remotely via applications other than our system application (e.g., MS Excel). These accesses need to be prevented because they ...
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