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Multicolumn index and performance

I have a table with a multicolumn index, and I have doubts about the proper sorting of the indexes to get the maximum performance on the queries. The scenario: PostgreSQL 8.4, table with about one ...
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Does creating a unique constraint on a Postgres column remove the need to index it?

Does creating a unique constraint on a Postgres column remove the need to index it? I expect that an index is automatically needed to maintain the constraint efficiently.
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2 B-tree indices OR 1 GiST index on tsrange -- which will perform better?

I have a table which is storing reservation data using the columns starts_at & ends_at Whenever I'm querying the table to find overlapping reservations, I have an option of using one of the ...
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Impact of CLUSTER on performance

I'm trying to optimize a database table to speed up queries with date restrictions. Currently using Postgres 9.2. I have a timestamp column, but mostly I'm asking for some day, so I have created an ...
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Finding all date ranges that overlap a target date range

Say I wish to store when staff are on holiday (FromDate, ToDate) and then I wish to find all staff that are on holiday between two given dates (QFromDate, QToDate). Now assume that I have many such ...
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Extremely slow query on indexed column in Postgres

I'm getting a extremely slow query on an indexed column. Given the query SELECT * FROM orders WHERE shop_id = 3828 ORDER BY updated_at desc LIMIT 1 explain analyze returned: QUERY PLAN ----...
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Does inserting in order have the same effect as clustering?

I have a table that will contain some pre-computed data based off other tables. (Computing on the fly is too computationally expensive given the size of data I have to deal with.) I will be generating ...
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Optimizing queries on a range of timestamps (one column)

I am using Postgres 9.3 through Heroku. I have a table, "traffic", with 1M+ records that has many inserts and updates every day. I need to perform SUM operations across this table over different time ...
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Maximum sum() of overlapping ranges

Essentially my question is: how does one do aggregate operations involving overlapping ranges in PostgreSQL 9.3 (or 9.4)? The specific problem I have at hand is that given a range, I want to find the ...
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How to get the second highest value per group?

Getting the second highest value from a table has been solved many times, but I'm looking for the second highest value in each group. Given this table: +----+-----+ | A | 10 | | A | 20 | | A | ...
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postgres - SUM Time of this Interval and Group by 30 and 30 minutes

I need to SUM Time of this Interval and Group by 30 and 30 minutes. CREATE TABLE foo AS SELECT date_start::timestamp, date_end::timestamp, agent FROM ( VALUES ('2017-01-06 06:52','2017-01-06 06:...
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Poor query performance over timestamp range by week in PostgreSQL 9.3

I have a slow query that generates a report of account activity per week over the past year. The table currently has nearly 5 million rows and this query currently takes 8 seconds to execute. The (...
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PostgreSQL - Datetime ranges overlap

I have a table with datetime fields start and end. And I have a list of (start, end) items. I need to check which items from the list overlap with data in the table. The current query looks like this: ...
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Postgres prefers slow Seq Scan over fast Index Scan

Tables I have the following two tables. books, which contains ~5 million rows: Table "public.books" Column | Type | ...
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Containment check tstzrange @> timestamptz not using btree or gist index

Schema: Column | Type ----------------------+-------------------------- id | integer event_id | integer ...
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