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When to switch from MyISAM to InnoDB?

We have a MySQL 5.0 server running all tables as MyISAM. We have two slaves that, in the last month, we have upgraded to MySQL 5.5. Their tables are also still MyISAM. My original plan was to upgrade ...
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Any known issues upgrading from MySQL 5.1.73 to 5.6.21?

I am planning my MySQL DB ver5.1.73 running on a CentOS 6.5 machine to MySQL 5.6.21. I understand the basic procedure for this based on what I have read on StackOverflow, but I was curious if anyone ...
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Backup all privileges related to specific user of MySQL

I want to backup all privileges related to specific user (for example u_1) from a MySQL database and restore that in another server. As described here, The 'mysql' database contains users/privileges/...
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MySQL: trying to create root user

Upgrading MySQL database to 5.5 and it seems that the root user has disappeared. I'm trying to create it again using this commands: javier@javier-mbp:~$ sudo pkill mysqld [sudo] password for javier: ...
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In place upgrade from MySQL 5.5 to 5.6.11 removes all users from user table

On Windows, I upgraded from 5.1 to 5.5 no problem. Copied my 5.1 data folder into my 5.5 instance Started mysqld skipping grants Ran mysql_upgrade All good, but going from 5.5 to 5.6: Copied 5.5 ...
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Move a MySQL 5.5 database to a server running MySQL 5.1

I have a backup of a MySQL database (using InnoDB) from a Windows machine that was running MySQL 5.5. The Windows machine is no longer available and now I need to import the backup into an Ubuntu box ...
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mysql upgrading from 5.1 --> 5.6 do I have to do mysqldump before upgrade?

I was reading this document: It says when upgrading from mysql 5.1 to do a mysqldump and then a reload. Is there anyway ...
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How often should MySQL (stock, Percona, etc.) be upgraded?

My organization runs several data-driven web applications backed by various flavors of MySQL on RHEL (i.e. we're just like everyone else!) Some of our web apps use the standard build of MySQL, and we ...
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xtrabackup backup grants?

I'm using MySQL 5.5 + Opensuse 12.3 . After face an issue with mysqldump (appear be a bug with OpenSuse Mysql distribution) I have looking for others backup solution. I found the xtrabackup from ...
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MySQL Upgrade on Windows

I am having MySQL 5.1 installed on windows box. Now I would like to upgrade to latest MySQL 5.6 version. I am planning to install MySQL 5.6 in the same server with same port 3306. After installation, ...
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