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MySQL : Why are there "test" entries in mysql.db?

Recently, I posted an answer to a question about mysql.db. Then, I got to thinking I should ask everyone this question: I have noticed for years that upon installation of MySQL 5.0+, mysql.db is ...
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What is the mysql.db table used for?

Related to my MySQL issue I have a user with USAGE grant in mysql.user, but in mysql.db this user has Select, Insert, Update, Delete. Thus the user can successfully query the database. I can't find ...
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Mysql users deleted

I have a fresh centos 6.2 with mysql in 5.1.52. Then I saw two empty user name and I deleted that then I saw 3 root user deleted that and created one like this CREATE USER 'root'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '*...
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Only "grant usage", but can still select, drop, create?

I have a mysql user (I'll call) "user5" who only has "grant usage" (i.e. no privileges) in the output of "show grants", but can still do a select on database "app_db" (which is what I want, but I do ...
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Error in login in with root user in new mysql server

I've installed a MySQL server in CentOS 6.2 machine +-------------------------+---------------------+ | Variable_name | Value | +-------------------------+---------------------...
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xenforo vulnerability, limit max open connections by ip address

Trying to get some emergency help because my website is being attacked. It isn't as much as an actual attack, as it is a small bot to exploit xenforo vulnerability.
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Why ALL PRIVILEGES ON `db`.* gives access to all databases?

I've installed Ubuntu 12.10(quantal) and mysql-server-5.5. When I execute: drop user ''@'localhost'; create database `redmine`; grant all on `redmine`.* to 'redmine'@'localhost'; User redmine@...
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Why does OS login not exist in the user table, but I can still login to MySQL?

mysql> select user, password, host from user; +------+----------+---------------------------------------------+ | user | password | host | +------+----------+-...
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Beginner problems administering users on mysql

Very new MySQL user here. Two questions for the community. I seem to have created an account that I can't delete/drop. I can't seem to get MySQL to actually require newly created accounts to require ...
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mysqladmin user account not secure?

I still playing with my own DB trying to learn and saw this: I could change the root password without any problem at all... If I'm in the server I can create an algorithm to start testing password ...
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