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Catch event of auto_shrink in SQL Server Log? [duplicate]

I am aware of the disadvantages of AUTO_SHRINK being configured on SQL Server databases. Recently, in a new environment, I discovered several production servers with the Auto Shrink option turned on. ...
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SQL Server Extended Events to Capture Objects access by a User [duplicate]

I am in for a requirement where I need to use EE to capture the Objects Accessed by a particular SQL User. I want to avoid the action sqlserver.sql_text, if I use this, I will need to manually scan ...
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Does SQL Server ever delete old error log files?

I know I can cycle the current error log easily by running sp_cycle_errorlog, but I'm wondering if SQL Server will ever delete the old/archived error log files at all. Can't seem to find an answer to ...
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Why does transaction log continue to grow in Simple recovery mode with nightly backups

Before immediately marking as duplicate, I have read Mike Walsh's Why Does the Transaction Log Keep Growing or Run Out of Space?, but I don't think it gave an answer to my situation. I looked through ...
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When was a Database taken Offline

I am trying to find a way to figure out when was couple of my sql databases were taken offline. I checked the the logs but could not find any such info and moreover there is no default trace enabled. ...
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List All Dropped Databases

I need to confirm if a particular table ever existed in our SQL Server. Is there an existing script or method one can use to list all dropped databases in an SQL Server instance?
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Who created a procedure? (SQL Server 2008 R2 )

Is there a way to list who created certain procure in SQL Server 2008? In this SO link there are some answers but from 6yrs ago. I know it's a best pratice to write your name and date, and then ...
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SQL Server : keep track of all connections/disconnections

I have a Microsoft SQL Server 2008r2 SP1. I need to know which users connect to, and disconnect from, database. Ideally, I would like a list of (datetime, username, connect/disconnect). Can this be ...
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See details of old sessions

Is there any way of seeing details of sessions from the past (I fully expect the answer to be "no"). I am trying to find out what server a certain application is running on, that application accessing ...
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What caused the database [.mdf file] to grow suddenly

I am trying to find the cause which have bloated the mdf of a database from 20 GB to 100 GB. So far i tried checking the autogrow events to find time, but could not find none using standard reports ...
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Finding login or user name of last person to use a DB

The boss has asked for a list of DB names along with size and name of last person to use that DB. I've found resources for when a DB was last accessed but for by whom. How would I solve this? ...
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Finding out who changed the owner of a database when performing a restore

A coworker who worked on restoring a backup changed the database owner from his name to 'sa' (rightly so) last night. While I had seen the his name in a SQL Server Management Studio window, I did not ...
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What is causing my Transaction log to grow

The TLOG in my SQL Server 2008 is growing faster than usual. The DB has a Full recovery model and we have a TLOG backup every hour. Can you please write me or refer me to link that describes a way to ...
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The ordinal position for a column changed without my knowledge

I have a column that is out of order (ordinally, not in terms of select statement), and I just can't figure out how it got that way. I've been researching this for quite some time and am coming up ...
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Check all login users list from back 3 months

There is any way to check all database login users list and their activities from back 3 months in SQL Server? I tried with SQL server Logs but I need more info about user activities from past 3 ...
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