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Why Does the Transaction Log Keep Growing or Run Out of Space?

This one seems to be a common question in most forums and all over the web, it is asked here in many formats that typically sound like this: In SQL Server - What are some reasons the transaction log ...
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Shrinking database which is not having any insert/update

We have a process of archiving wherein we take the backup of current database and restore it as xxx archive database. Now this database contains previous data and will not have any insert/update/...
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What's the difference between "shrink" file vs simply reducing the initial size?

I'm totally new in DB Administration. So i got confused about the "file shrink" functionality offered on SQL Server Management Studio (SMSS) or via T-SQL. Why I would I need to use that &...
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Shrink of a big databases ? SQL Server [duplicate]

In this moment I have a very big database (almost 4 TB) and wanna shrink data files for a future migration Unused space : almost 3000 GB I have in mind shrink data files day per day with low amount of ...
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Is a SQL Server DB worth shrinking? [duplicate]

I purged about 100 GB on 200 GB SQL Server v11 DB. The MDF file still show about 200 GB in the file explorer. Everything looks fine, first tests shows 50% time treatments increase and the backup's ...
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Ways to Reduce Database Size and possibly improve performace. Untouched enviroment

I am new to an environment. The databases are virtually untouched by a seasoned DBA. I am looking for ways to reduce DB size and possibly improve performance. Unfortunately, I only have Web edition ...
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SHRINKFILE best practices and experience [duplicate]

Preamble: In general it's a big no-no, but believe me that are rare cases when space is really needed. For example Express Edition is limited to 10GB. Imagine that you discovered that with a data type ...
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Shrinking mdf files - SQL Server 2012

I am in need to shrink a data file in SQL Server 2012. I am using shrink files option in tasks of the database and am using "Reorganize pages before releasing unused space" option. SQL Server says ...
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Are there any disadvantages to shrinking a database? [duplicate]

My production server's database grows unexpectedly and almost I am going to create a job for shrinking the database which runs once in a month. Is it a good idea? The backups was failed and the time ...
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Shrinking bigger databases [duplicate]

Hello masters of MS SQL I have a kind of a problem on my hands. We have quite big DB (5TB) and we've just "enabled" some software archiving which means that most of the data will migrate to other DB'...
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Releasing free space in mdf file to OS [duplicate]

We have a 120GB database. There was table with 60GB of data which is useless and we have truncated it. Now database size is 120GB with free space 60GB. The database will not grow up to 60GB in at ...
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Unable to shrink files

I am kind of new to SQL Server. I am trying to shrink my MDF files, however I am unable to do it. There is no error message. Any idea why this is the case ?
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Reduce MDF file size [duplicate]

I am working with a 500 GB SQL Server database. I need to reduce the size of the database data file after removing a large amount (50%) of the data. I tried re indexing, it's good the database has de-...
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How to restore a database, ignoring the free space within each file?

Using the following script I get all the disk space used by each file in my database: ;with radhe as ( SELECT DatabaseName = 'my Database', --DB_NAME(), a.FILEID, [FILE_SIZE_GB] = CONVERT(...
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Should I shrink this SQL Server data file?

I have read many articles describing how shrinking data files causes terrible things to happen floods, famine, fragmentation, and general mayhem. Here is the cliff notes of my situation: SSAS ...

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