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How to resolve "InnoDB data dictionary has tablespace id N" [duplicate]

I recently messsed up a migration to table-per-file for my dbs. In the end I (thought) I dropped all dbs, deleted any left over files, and then started over from scratch, importing only dbs I needed ...
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restore table from .frm and .ibd file?

I have previously saved a copy of /var/lib/mysql/ddms directory ("ddms" is the schema name). Now I installed a new MySQL on a freshly installed Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS by running apt-get install mysql-...
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Why does InnoDB store all databases in one file?

It was convenient that MyISAM used to store each table in a corresponding file. InnoDB has made advancements in many aspects, but I wonder why InnoDB stores all databases in one file (ibdata1 by ...
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TRUNCATE TABLE statement sometimes hangs

Why does the TRUNCATE TABLE statement hang sometimes? What are the reasons for this type of issue? I am migrating from MySQL to MariaDB. This problem doesn't happen with MySQL, only with MariaDB. ...
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Error 'Unknown table engine 'InnoDB'' on query. after restarting mysql

I have mysql DB on server S1 (mysql version 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.7-log). I have created master-slave for this DB on server S2 (mysql version 5.1.54-1ubuntu4-log). The DB on S1 was using one data file (...
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ERROR Cannot find or open table?

MySQL version: 5.5.24 Due to the following problem: mysql> desc reportingdb.v3_zone_date_cpm7k; ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'reportingdb.v3_zone_date_cpm7k' doesn't exist /var/log/mysqld....
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MySQL INNODB corruption after server crash during concurrent truncate command

My server crashed today I think due to a concurrent truncate table command on one of our INNODB tables. The server could be restarted, but after it starts up, everytime I try to issue an SQL command, ...
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Table compression in InnoDB?

I have read that table index compression happens just in MyISAM, but I came across an article in dev.mysql that said: InnoDB supports table and index compression! So now what is the pros of MyISAM? ...
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Truncate temporary table commits transaction?

Is this correct that a "CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE IF NOT EXISTS.." does not commit current transaction (I like that), but a TRUNCATE TABLE, which is temporary, does implicitly commit any transaction? ...
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remove duplicate rows in mysql table that does not contain primary key

I have a table item having just one column name:- name ----- toys shirt mobile Shirt speaker Toys .... .... I am trying to delete duplicate rows except one duplicated record with the help of below ...
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How do you extend the tablespace when using innodb_file_per_table?

With innodb_file_per_table off, you can create multiple tablespaces on multiple devices if necessary to manage growth, balance I/O, etc. With the option on, how do you control growth of the files? Do ...
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Restore the data from Snapshot Backup when the data spans over multiple directories?

Problem : I have one master and various slave on EC2, all running with the innodb_file_per_table as OFF. We have done some testing work on one of the slave say server A.and it takes a huge amount of ...
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Lost admin user ; Update not allowed on current user in MySQL

I work on MySQL. For making my database more secure I created new user and than deleted 'root' user which had all privileges. I think I did not give full privileges to new user. That's why it is ...
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