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How is INFORMATION_SCHEMA implemented in MySQL?

The INFORMATION_SCHEMA is, in theory, a set of views specified in the SQL standard that allow the user to inspect the system's metadata. How is it this implemented in MySQL? When I connect to a fresh ...
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#1041 - Out of memory issue in mysql

I am using Amazon RDS db.m1.medium instance. It has at least 40-50 database and atleast 10k table. For last one year it was working fine, but today I was altering one table It started giving error. I ...
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AWS RDS Really Odd Error... #1041 OUT OF MEMORY, Buffers OK and Memory OK

I have an AWS RDS (MySQL 5.6.35) db.m3.medium that has given me a random error when attempting to modify a table's structure in the past two weeks: #1041 - Out of memory; check if mysqld or some ...
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Do Inactive MySQL Databases Consume Memory?

I have inactive databases that are on the server just for archive purposes. I know I can do mysqldump for all of them, but I am not 100% sure they are inactive. When I started my system I didn't ...
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Getting Data Type ID in MySQL

So, In SQL, We have the following query to find the system data type ID of columns in SQL Server; select name, system_type_id from sys.columns where object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'sometable') It gives the ...
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What is the purpose of the command-line options "-ANe" for MySQL?

I've recently changed how a mysqldump backup is set up, and happened across a helpful answer by RolandoMySQLDBA where his example: mysql ${MYSQL_CONN} -ANe"${SQL}" Uses the -ANe command line ...
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Partitioning increases CPU usage in mariadb

I'm using mariadb 10.2, and I had a table with a structure similar to the one below, currently with 15gb, where I insert a few thousand records per minute all the time, each batch for a specific ...
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Large RAM use after import database - ubuntu server

My new VPS has 4GB of RAM. Before importing database system use about 1.2 GB of RAM. When I import into the database, using 250 MB SQL file, 25000 tables use of RAM goes to 97%, htop showing 3302 mb ...
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What is the best configuration for a MySQL instance with a lot of databases and lot of tables?

I have a MySQL database instance with more than 3000 databases in it. Each database contains more than 200 tables. Total data of all theses database comes around 100 GB. I am using Windows Server ...
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Do dormant databases impact server performance?

On our web server, my team has been creating new databases in MySQL to manage backups. They simply create new database_DATE and copy over our live site. Which made me think today... Can having a ...
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Managing 100s of similar databases

We are migrating to a model where every "customer" lives in its own dedicated schema (database per tenant). This will allow us to later move some accounts to different DB clusters or upgrade specific ...
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