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How to properly kill MySQL?

I have CentOS 64bit with CPanel installed and I use: service mysql stop It just keeps ticking periods and never seems like it stops. In the logs it just posts a lot of: 130303 17:42:38 [Warning] /...
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Is Percona xtrabackup the right choice for my 500GB MySQL backup?

I have a MySQL db with 500GB, consisting mainly of Innodb tables, and one big (200GB) MyISAM table. My current backup strategy is copying the db files to an external harddrive. This causes a downtime ...
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MySQL connection doesn't work anymore

I had two MySQL servers running ( and Now I get this strange error: mysql_connect(): Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet' I can ...
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Trying to get multiple mysql instances running on Ubuntu dev box

I'm trying to get multiple instances of mysql running on a dev box for some testing. This guy is running ubuntu so the setup's a little different than our production setups. I'd like to find the ...
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MySQL multi-source replication with identical DB names

How can I set up a multi-source master/slave relation with masters having the same database names? I am using the MySQL labs 5.7.2 release with multi-source replication. One of the use cases for ...
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mysqld-multi with first DB as Slave and second DB as Master

Yesterday, I setup mysqld-multi in my.cnf. It works fantastic, but there is still a further Problem. The first DB on socket 1 running as Slave from a other server. The second one from socket 2 ...
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mysqlservice command syntax

I'm new to MySQL. I've found myself in the position of having two different versions running on one host. I'm a little unsure of how these are working together. Do I issue >service ...
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Is it possible to take same copy of mysql database in another instance(periodically) in the same server?

My current mysqldb is slow due to more data. So we are planning to take a copy of production db into another instance in the same server and redirect all the select queries to that instance without ...
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What are some key configuration settings for using an InnoDb table for session storage?

I want to start clustering my PHP app servers but don't want to go for a sticky-sessions load balancing setup at this point. However, I want sessions that are persisted to disk and implement proper ...
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MySQL customized service script for zip installation

We are currently using MySQL 5.7.20 on CentOS and are using zip installation. Since it is a zip installation we do not have service created in /etc/init.d/. Is there any other method for auto-...
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How to properly kill MySQL? [duplicate]

I have CentOS 64bit with CPanel installed and I use service mysql stop However, it keeps doing ..... for minutes and it never stops. It used to be instant. Any idea why it does that and how to fix? ...
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