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What are the main differences between InnoDB and MyISAM?

What are the main differences between InnoDB and MyISAM?
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Possible to make MySQL use more than one core?

I've been presented with some dedicated MySQL servers that never use more than a single core. I'm more developer than DBA for MySQL so need some help Setup The servers are quite hefty with an OLAP/...
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About single threaded versus multithreaded databases performance

H2 is a single threaded database with a good reputation regarding performance. Other databases are multi-threaded. My question is: when does a multi-thread database become more interesting than an ...
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Is the CPU performance relevant for a database server?

This is a purely theoretical question. Let's say I have an application deployed on multiple servers. A load balancer, Multiple/scalable applications servers A (single) database server (for the ...
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Multi cores and MySQL Performance

Importance of RAM is an established fact but far less material is available about the importance of cores and multithreading when it comes to the usage of CPU by MySQL. I am talking about the ...
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Is the overhead of frequent query cache invalidation ever worth it?

I'm currently working on a MySQL database where we are seeing a large number of invalidations from the query cache, primarily because of the high number of INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE statements that ...
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Clarification on MySQL innodb_flush_method variable

Let me begin by admitting that I'm very ignorant of the inner workings of hard disks. So when I read over the manual for the variable innodb_flush_method, it confused me. Can I get an explanation in ...
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MySql recommended hardware

Our company servers are currently hosted on a VPS and we've decided to move into dedicated servers. When choosing the best hardware for a DB server, what should we invest more resources: better CPU (...
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Mysql slowly uses memory until it starts to use swap

I am running a 1gb of RAM rackspace database server. For some reason in about 2 days the memory usage goes from using very little swap, to using 100mb. If I don't restart sql it will keep using more ...
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which mysql version to use - 5.1 or 5.5?

I am designing a new database. There are going to be around 1000 write queries per second. There may be as much as 10000 read per second. Which MySQL version is recommended? I came across a post on ...
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When to switch from MyISAM to InnoDB?

We have a MySQL 5.0 server running all tables as MyISAM. We have two slaves that, in the last month, we have upgraded to MySQL 5.5. Their tables are also still MyISAM. My original plan was to upgrade ...
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MySQL 5.5 - determining correct write[read]_io_threads on high-end system?

Specifically dual-CPU 32 core - 128RAM - RAID 10 SSD . Ubuntu 64 server. Heavy Innodb load at times - ~ 2000+ queries per sec. Heavy read and write. Currently we are running on the default ...
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Are there benefits to using more than 4 CPUs for MySQL?

We are running MySQL 5.5 on linux under VMWare, running on 2 CPUs. We are planning on increasing this to 4, but we have un-used CPUs available, and I'm wondering if there is any benefit to increasing ...
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Transaction speed benchmarks for mySQL v5.6 replication - seems very slow

I'm trying to select the best configuration for our new infrastructure but got a bit confused about the results. I used sysbench v0.5 for the tests: prepare data sysbench --test=/usr/share/doc/...
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Enabling InnoDB on an existing MySQL production server

We have a MySQL 5.1.59 server that has 30-40 existing MyISAM databases. I need to deploy an application that requires InnoDB databases. Can I just enable/configure InnoDB in /etc/my.cnf and restart ...
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