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How large should be mysql innodb_buffer_pool_size?

I have a busy database with solely InnoDB tables which is about 5GB in size. The database runs on a Debian server using SSD disks and I've set max connections = 800 which sometimes saturate and grind ...
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Possible to make MySQL use more than one core?

I've been presented with some dedicated MySQL servers that never use more than a single core. I'm more developer than DBA for MySQL so need some help Setup The servers are quite hefty with an OLAP/...
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About single threaded versus multithreaded databases performance

H2 is a single threaded database with a good reputation regarding performance. Other databases are multi-threaded. My question is: when does a multi-thread database become more interesting than an ...
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Why query_cache_type is disabled by default start from MySQL 5.6?

We've upgraded to MySQL 5.6 and start seeing the loading of db server increased significantly, and finally found out the query_cache_type is defaulted to off start from 5.6. We enabled it again and ...
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Multi cores and MySQL Performance

Importance of RAM is an established fact but far less material is available about the importance of cores and multithreading when it comes to the usage of CPU by MySQL. I am talking about the ...
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Mysql slowly uses memory until it starts to use swap

I am running a 1gb of RAM rackspace database server. For some reason in about 2 days the memory usage goes from using very little swap, to using 100mb. If I don't restart sql it will keep using more ...
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MySQL FullText search on string shorter than 3 chars returns no rows

I have a MySQL table with some addresses in it. Let's say I have the following 2 rows: "10 Fake Street" "101 Fake Street" I'm trying to use fulltext search with MATCH() AGAINST(). I have set ...
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MySQL 5.5 - determining correct write[read]_io_threads on high-end system?

Specifically dual-CPU 32 core - 128RAM - RAID 10 SSD . Ubuntu 64 server. Heavy Innodb load at times - ~ 2000+ queries per sec. Heavy read and write. Currently we are running on the default ...
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MySQL with high CPU and memory usage

here we have a VPS with 3.2GHz quadcore processor with 2GB of RAM and 4GB of SWAP which need to work with a high intensive legacy system (read: bad coded). The main problem is that the CPU (~80 - 100%)...
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Which first: upgrade mysql version or convert storage engine?

I inherited a production mysql server at 5.0. It uses MyISAM exclusively. It is not a high volume database but it does have some large datasets. I am planning on: upgrading to 5.5 converting ...
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query cache hit value is not changing in my database

The query cache hit value is not changing in my database only for some queries.If I write select * from drugs_info limit 1000; the query cache hit has changed, but if I execute the following ...
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invalidating query cache entries(key) [duplicate]

when I tried to delete some records from a MYSQL server (version 5.0.95-log) and checked the process list I got the result as follows mysql> show processlist \G *************************** 2. ...
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