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How can I monitor the progress of an import of a large .sql file?

I am importing a 7 GB foobar.sql to restore a table in a local database. $ mysql -h localhost -u root 'my_data' < foobar.sql $ mysql --version /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0....
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Time to import an sql dump

I'm currently uploading one of Wikipedia's dump files. It has 1GB compressed and ~7GB uncompressed. It has been importing it for 6 hours already. The size of the imported table in MySQL is at the ...
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Why is there no data loss with mysql innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit set to 0?

Here is the MySQL info: mysql> show variables like 'innodb%flush%log%'; +--------------------------------+-------+ | Variable_name | Value | +--------------------------------+-----...
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Fastest way to do a mysqldump restore on Amazon RDS?

We need to restore a database from a 7-Gb mysqldump file to a RDS Amazon instance. The full restore takes between 3 and 4 hours (probably because of network latency since the dump has to reside on a ...
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Export and Import large database from one rds of amazon to newly created amazon rds

We are facing some issue. We would like to export and import mysql database "xyz" from old rds say xyz-rds to newly created rds say abc-rds (mysql). We are approaching common method taking full ...
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Importing a 16 GB MySQL file silently fails

I've looked at a lot answers here MySQL any way to import a huge (32 GB) sql dump faster? and on Server Fault but haven't found a solution to not being able to import a 16 GB MySQL file completely; it ...
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Speedup restore of 160 GB SQL in 24 core + Optane NVME system

i set up a new sql-server, ubuntu 18.4 (MYSQL 5.7), 24 core (48 threads), 256G RAM, System is SATA Raid1 XFS SSD /var/lib/ is mounted on Optane SSD XFS. In restore i can see that the server has unter ...
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MariaDB/MySQL: Import from dump (.sql) file remotely via network

After I set my.ini file following the answer by Rolando here : , today I managed to import about 40GB+ sqldump file in around 2-3 hours only. While on a ...
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How can I tune my MySQL server to bulk import XML file (42 GB)?

I have a 40GB xml file which needs to be loaded into the db. Currently we are not sure about PK/FK relationships or schema details. So I am just loading them up without any indexes or keys. Every time ...
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Importing huge dumps into a mysql server 5.5

I want to import a couple of huge .sql dumps (~600G each) into a mysql server 5.5 running on an Ubuntu 14.04. The machine has about 8G of RAM allocated to it; The previous machine had 128G; Storage ...
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