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ERROR 1114 (HY000): The table is full [duplicate]

I am trying create a table using a cross join or Cartesian Product subquery that creates a table with a large number of rows, like at least 148 million rows. I get this ERROR 1114 (HY000): The ...
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Is innodb_file_per_table advisable?

We have an application where just one of the table will be growing into million of lines but the rest will just below a million. So what is the advice should we go with innodb_file_per_table or leave ...
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What exactly are iblog files in mysql

I would like to understand these ibdata files as these play vital role in the crash recovery procedure. I could not find proper resources over the web for this.
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MySQL Index creation failing on table is full

UPDATE: tl;dr: The problem was MySQL uses the TMPDIR when creating indexes. And my TMPDIR was the one running out of disk space. Original Q: I'm trying to add an index to an InnoDB table, and ...
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Temporary table is full

The table '/mnt/disks/data/tmp/#sql58de_a0f6_7' is full The query is quite complex/big. Lots of joins in joins and unions, sorting, grouping, ... 1 out of 10 the result is returned. Otherwise it ...
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MySQL can't delete table

I have a corrupt table and I can't delete it to restore it. How do I delete this table from the database? When I try to query on the table this is what I get... mysql> SELECT * FROM tbl_company ...
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How To Optimize and Repair InnoDB tables? ALTER and OPTIMIZE table failed

I just switched my Wordpress databases to use the InnoDB engine. When using MyISAM, I used to run Optimize and Repair table. However, with InnoDB, these don't work. I manually ran OPTIMIZE TABLE ...
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Database space doesn't match ibdata1 size

I'm using InnoDB database with a single file configuration (in /var), so no innodb_file_per_table. In the MySql workbench, when I query for the databases used space, with this query SELECT ...
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Removing/overwriting sensitive data located in already deleted records in ibdata files

As far as I know, using InnoDB tables with innodb_file_per_table = off does not prevent deleted data from being visible in the ibdata1 file. I know this is by-design, and that I could switch the ...
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mysql ibdata1 file corrupted or increased unusually

We are using MySQL 5.2 version all InnoDB tables. I have observed that ibdata1 file got increased very unusually like occupied 500 GB in 2 days. In last 6 months, it had taken only 6 GB though ...
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Table is full even with innodb_file_per_table

I am trying to create an index to my table using alter query. My my.cnf file innodb_data_home_dir = /usr/local/mysql5/data innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:60021538816;ibdata2:300M;ibdata3:30000M;...
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