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How much RAM should SQL Server have [duplicate]

I have a database which takes up 500gb, I have noticed that my ple is low even though I have 100gb of RAM. I have searched in google to find reasons of that and I found some interesting queries. I ...
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Maximum server memory [duplicate]

We have a Windows 2008 r2 server (on hyper v) and on this we are running a SQL server. This database is approx 300 gb big. The server has 32 GB ram. In the SQL Server properties I saw the following: ...
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Implenting Min Max memory configuration in Alwayson [duplicate]

I have never changed this setting for an AlwasyOn setup. What is the best practise to do this? Should I change the setting on the Secondary node first and then the primary? Please suggest . The ...
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What value to set for MAX and MIN memory of SQL Server hosted on Bare Metal [duplicate]

Within AWS, Many of our Database servers are being migrated from EC2 Instance to Bare Metal. (Correct me, If I am wrong) In Bare metal, there are two memory limits available for the VM hosted on Bare ...
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Memory Consumption [duplicate]

In one of our PROD Servers... The Total Physical RAM is 128GB The Total RAM I assigned for SQL Server is 122GB. When I checked the SQL Server there were no Open Transactions, No Blockings....But ...
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SQL Server Memory Configuration [duplicate]

My Server has Total RAM 200GB. I have set 80% of total RAM for SQL Server as it needs more memory. Just want to know if there is any fixed number or method to finalise amount of memory to be set for ...
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Memory allocation [duplicate]

How could we decide over how much memory will be good enough for a sql server 2012 standard edition instance having only 1 DB of around 250GB and it's very busy database through out the day, having ...
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SQL Server max memory, page file, max degree parallelism

Three questions hope you DBA masters of the universe can answer: I know it is best practice to set SQL Server's max memory. So if a server with 44 GB RAM has SQL Server installed we should set the ...
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SQL Server not using all memory

I have SQL Server 2014 with max memory set to 6GB (physical memory is 8GB). The Target Server Memory is sometimes 6GB and then drops back to Total Server Memory (approx 5.3GB, never reaches 6GB). I ...
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Why are multiple COUNT faster than one SUM with CASE?

I wanted to know which of the following two approaches is faster: 1) Three COUNT: SELECT Approved = (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo.Claims d WHERE d.Status = 'Approved'), Valid ...
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Can SQL Server's Page Life Expectancy be too high?

I've read several articles about SQL Server's Page Life Expectancy and what it means and what kind of information you can glean from it. In most of these articles that I've read, a common, healthy PLE ...
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Configure RAM for SQL Server and NUMA

Accidental DB admin here. Question: Would you still manually limit max RAM for SQL Server even though the sole purpose of that server is to serve SQL Server database engine only? I have Microsoft ...
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Buffer Size Changing?

I have a production database that is experiencing wildly fluctuating Page Life Expectancy (PLE) issues. (It crashes to zero at random times.) I have been researching the PLE issue and have found ...
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SQL Server Memory allocation and max server memory setting

For one of our SQL Server, we recently add more memory. The initial value was 12GB. The server experienced a lack of physical memory so we added another 12GB, for a total of 24GB. Then I have set the ...
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OS Paging too high in sql server

For one of my servers with below configuration: Total RAM: 32 GB CPU: 8 Max Server Mem: 22.5 GB Min Server:: 4 GB Edition: Enterprise Edition with 2k8R2 installed on SP3 ...
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