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Does a long string with "unique" constaint take a lot of space?

I've created a table "global_settings" for storing different settings of a web applications -- the ones, that I want to be able to edit on html page: global_settings: id primary key, key ...
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Any pitfalls/benefits of creating PK with include(..) in PostgreSQL?

Application is aggressively caching data in memory and in order to support consistency (preventing persisting stale data) it is doing something like: -- typical table structure: create table t1 ( ...
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Do datatypes of columns affect query performance?

Let's suppose I have this table: Table "public.orders" Column | Type | Collation | Nullable | Default -----------------+---------------+-----------+----------+----...
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Sensible max_length for Postgres db charfields

I am using Django with a Postgres backend. In the Django models, I have to set the max_length attribute on the Charfields, then the Django ORM deals with the database in the backend. In a lot of cases,...
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Does it matter to convert integer primary key into equivalent string?

In a PostgreSQL DB, I have a sortable bigint primary key, which is a bit verbose in terms of readability. I want to encode it as base36 or base64, like using char(n). In theory the number of bytes ...
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Find the greatest difference between each unique record with different timestamps

I have a PostgreSQL table with the following schema and data: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS T( id uuid PRIMARY KEY, username varchar(15), person varchar(10), tweets int, ...
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3 additional varchar(32) keys and also updating them -- too bad for performance?

I have a table in mind which basicaly would look like this: table1 -------- id bigserial autoincrement primary key, token1 varchar(32) unique not null, token2 varchar(32) unique not null, ...
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Casting an array of texts to an array of UUIDs

How can I cast an array of texts into an array of UUIDs? I need to do a join between two tables: users and projects. The users table has an array field named project_ids containing the project IDs ...
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Why does ENCODE on BYTEA not seem to have any performance impact?

I am working on a scenario to store strings in hex format of fixed length 64 to database. Obviously the choices are BYTEA and CHAR(64). Initial thought was to enforce a valid hex string storing it ...
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How to use default value of data type as column default?

How can I specify the default value for a column in the DDL? I was pretty sure that the following method worked a while ago: CREATE TABLE test ( col_1 CHAR(12) NOT NULL, col_2 INTEGER NOT NULL ...
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Not able to search on zipcode column a table in postgresql

Hello I have a postgresql question about searching on zip codes. Basicly, if I do a: select * from my_table where zip_ = '90210'; I am returned 0 rows. I know for a fact that there is thousands ...
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Conditional INSERT with a nested CTE?

I am trying to figure out if there is a way I can make nested CTEs work for this particular case. Consider the following (highly contrived) scenario which is based on the actual application: there's ...
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Is normalizing further to index on INT FK rather than VARCHAR worth it?

I asked a question about whether or not I should normalize some static data and the general consensus was that it is not necessary since the data is unchanging, thus it is not redundant and will not ...
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Index by subkey in jsonb

I have a table payment with a jsonb column application. It contains payments and the total amount for one or more tours. For example, a parent can pay 1000 $ for all his family, e.g. 4 children and ...
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Nested Loop with Materialize resulting in very slow query on postgresql 9.5

I have an analytics database on Postgres 9.5 I'm taking advantage of constraint partitioning with table inheritance to split up events into monthly tables. The base (parent) table contains no rows. I ...
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