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What are pros and cons of Ola’s scripts vs using maintenance plan?

Will you please help me understand pros and cons of using Ola’s solution over maintenance plan? I have prepared a presentation based on SQL Pass ( ...
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Understanding the impact/risk of turning off "verify backup integrity" on SQL backup

Currently we use standard maintenance plans for backups on the SQL Server 2005/2008/2008R2/2012 servers in our environment, and the "Verify backup integrity" box has always been checked. Some of the ...
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Best way to backup & truncate transaction logs on a schedule

I'm no DBA, but things being what they are, I have to wear the DBA hat and set up maintenance plans on my SQL Server instance. So for a while I've been having my SSIS overnight process run a Execute ...
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Exclude databases from automatic full backup [closed]

I have 10 databases on my SQL Server. We do an Automatic Full Backup every day at 00.00. The issue is there are two databases out of the 10 that should not be backed up as these databases are ...
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Scheduling index rebuild jobs

I have a MS-SQL 2014 SP1 - two node AlwaysOn AG (One Primary and an read-only secondary) with about 10 databases sizing 20-30GB in total. I have some queries regarding scheduling index rebuild and ...
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Deleting other files during maintenance plan

I have an SQL Server 2012 maintenance plan which does the normal stuff (rebuild indexes and update statistics, back up DBs, deletes .bak files older than X days, etc). Everything is working fine with ...
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Changing MaximumErrorCount when executing maintenance plan

I have defined a Maintenance Plan in Microsoft SQL Server 2012. It doesn't execute and it says DTS_W_MAXIMUMERRORCOUNTREACHED. The Execution method succeeded, but the number of errors raised (2) ...
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Backup databases based on wildcard on database name

We have a MS SQL 2016 databse server with a number of databases that need backing up. We are using a maintenance plan to backup all databases at the moment but running low on space on one of our ...
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Weekly full backups and daily differential backups, saving the full backups from each week?

I am wanting to create a maintenance plan that performs a full backup that is done every Sunday morning. After work hours on Monday through Friday, I want to perform a differential backup based on ...
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Maintenance Plan on Replication Subscriber

I have seven subscribers to a replicated publication using transactional replication in SQL Server 2012. Do I treat the subscribers just like a normal database and perform maintenance via a ...
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T-SQL Statement Task choose specific database name on server

I try to create a simple T-SQL Statement Task by Sql Server 2014 GUI. My flow: Right click on Maintenance Plan Choose Create new Maintenance Plan Choose the type (T-SQL Statement Task) I add by ...
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Log Shipping and Daily Backup

My SQL Server 2012 DR setup is a mess. We've had a maintenance plan in place from the beginning that takes a daily full backup, with hourly log backups. Recently, we set up log shipping to an off-site ...
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SQL Server 2008 r2 sp1 upgrade?

I've been given an SQL Server to run maintenance plans on. After running a script called sp_blitz which checks the health and security status of the server and going through the errors logs I realized ...
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