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ACL refers to Access Control List. An Access Control List contains entries describing who or what has rights to the object the ACL is attached to. This tag should be used for questions relating to database ACLs.

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Create Sequence Permission for Postgres

When my postgres function is tries to create a new sequence, it returns a permission denied error. It looks like the only way to make it work is to give Create permission on schema using the below ...
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Is it possible to limit connecting users to a schema from specific terminal or program?

I read about Oracle ACL, but on first sight, it doesn't look like it limits the access to a schema on terminal, program level. Is it even possible? I did experience such limitation once. I was ...
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How to implement UNIX like ACL for table rows

EDIT: I can't create or use native MySQL users. I have to use users stored in table with their password hash. I am new sql stuff so please forgive me for asking dumb question. I am creating my first ...
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Can I get pg_dump to simplify the ACL commands?

When using pg_dump with a database with non-default schema foo like so: pg_dump --schema-only --schema='foo' -U myuser -d mydb -h myhost -W > mydb.sql The SQL dump file is full of these seemingly ...
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Running Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production. Have a wallet setup containing a basic authentication credential. PL/sql package is executing a request over ...
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Only allow access to a table via a function, not directly via queries

I have a table t and some functions which access t. For example: create function list_t() returns setof t as $$ select * from t; $$ language sql stable; Is it possible to define role permissions ...
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Oracle - 'Correctly' configured ACL fails with network access denied by ACL

I have the exact same ACL privileges (used same sql script) on two separate databases. It works on one, but is denied on the other. Both databases are meant to connect to the same resource. Tried ...
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Oracle: Viewing settings for DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN ACL?

How do I view the contents of a network ACL? For example, if I create this ACL, how can I view what settings have been applied to it? DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN.CREATE_ACL( acl => 'www.xml', ...