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For questions about identifying and labelling locations with postal addresses or similar encoding schemes. Both published standard schemes and novel schemes are included.

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Can a foreign key be used for two primary keys?

I'm still a beginner in sql and I have to transform this relation between clients and addresses and vendors and adresses. This uses 2 primary keys(1 for the vendors and 1 for the clients). My question ...
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How do others know what is delivery address and invoice address if they are in the same table?

When I searched around, the recommended way is to use the invoice address and delivery address in the same table and use a field "type" to show what it is. For example Addresses(Company, ...
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How do I parse Address into Street Number, Street Name, Type, Unit Number?

How do I parse Address into Street Number, Name, Type, Unit Number? Is there a function which will conduct this? 2280 MEYERS AVE ALDERGROVE AVE & S ...
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Postgres inet array contains a single ip

Requirement: user can add single ips or ip address ranges to a database table(for example permissions table having ipAddresses of inet[] type). I need to query that a single ip is contained in the ...
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PostgreSQL, what is the hostname address of my default database?

I just created a PostgreSQL database on my laptop (following these instructions), which is running Linux CentOS 7. Now I would like to understand what is the hostname address of my default database. ...'s user avatar
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How do I parse addresses in PostgreSQL?

Let's say for instance that I want to parse these addresses for the Chicken Ranch Chicken Ranch 10511 Homestead Rd Pahrump, NV 89061 Chicken Ranch 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20500 ...
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Field/datatype for searchable address components?

I'm using Django with Postgres, and I'm looking for a field/datatype to store address components that come from Google Places API in this format: "address_components": [ {"long_name": "27", "...
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Combine addresses missing Unit/Suite #

I have a list of addresses which need to be updated in SQL Server. How can I go about adding the Suite # to the addresses which are missing it? Address 1 Burton Hills Blvd, Suite 250 1 Burton Hills ...
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What problems are solved by splitting street addresses into individual columns?

We have a team who designs the tables and relations for software developers. In our organization, they are pretty strict about enforcing 3NF normalization - which to be honest, I agree with given the ...
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Struggling to design addresses table for fast querying

I have two tables: addresses and locations. Locations zipcode city county state Addresses line1 line2 city county state zipcode Posts Id Address_id Body All my users are required to provide at ...
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Should I assimilate all address lines to a single line?

I'm new here, so I'll keep my question straight and short. I am building a webapp that lets users select some product, submit their details and place an order. Currently, my ORDER table contains only ...
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Relational database for address model

I want to design an "Address" model for all types of entities like users, businesses, etc. I have two types of main models: one is User and the other is Business. Each one has different ...
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Separate Address Table, Latitude, Longitude

We are designing a DB for a limited functionality social networking application. Users (Registered Users), Retail Outlets, etc are several entities we need to store. We need to store Address of each ...
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