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Does a system protected password automatically get included in SSMS when it is downloaded?

I work at a company where most things are password protected by a system admin password (which I dont have). Today I downloaded SQL Server and set up a basic local server. I was able to get in but ...
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I increased my NDF files from 3 files to 7 files. How to re-distribute the data across MDF and NDF files?

I have a big database that uses 1 MDF files and 4 NDF files. The MDF file is placed in a 2TB disk and NDF files are placed in 500GB disks separately. I set the MDF file to be unlimited, while the NDF ...
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How can I transfer specific filtered data from one database(server1) to another database(server 2) in postgresql?

For Example, I have a PostgreSQL database with multiple schemas and each table under the schemas has one common column like city. I want to transfer the database entry for city like Pune from one ...
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SQL Transactional Replication Limits

I am seeing strange behavior in a Transactional Replication configuration. Details: Publication Server SQL 2017 Standard Distribution Server SQL 2017 Standard Subscriber Server SQL 2017 Standard 55 ...
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