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Questions tagged [amazon-cloudwatch]

Amazon CloudWatch is a technology used for Amazon Web Services, such as Amazon Relational Database Service (tag: amazon-rds), to monitor health and activity of databases and other servers. It offers web-based dashboards and a command line interface.

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1 vote
1 answer

Writing custom server logs in Postgres

We have set up a Postgres instance that is writing logs directly to AWS CloudWatch. We would like to be able to write our own logs for the purpose of automated processing. Unfortunately our current ...
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Migrating data to new mysql rds instance

I have 1TB size mysql database for production . Now i want to migrate this database on new mysql RDS instance . Please suggest me which backup policy should i apply here like Mysqldump,XtraBackup . ?
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1 answer

How to get a breakdown of CPU usage at each point in time?

I have a SQL Server RDS instance, running on a db.m5.xlarge (4 vCPU, 16GB RAM) with Multi AZ enabled. I am trying to determine the cause of a constant 25%-30% CPU load on the instance at a time when ...
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Detecting Logical Replication Error on Postgres v10 on AWS RDS CloudWatch metrics States: "When the schema is changed on the publisher and replicated data starts arriving at the subscriber but does not fit ...
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1 answer

How can we publish Aurora (Postgres compatible) logs to Cloudwatch?

I'm looking for a way to publish Aurora (pg compatible) db logs to cloudwatch. In Postgres RDS, there is an option when we "modify" the instance to enable publishing db and upgrade logs to cloudwatch,...
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1 answer

How to monitor Mongo databases and Cloud servers? [closed]

We have mongo databases installed in AWS and Azure based servers. We need to monitor the Mongo databases and Cloud servers on daily basis. Is there any way to healthcheck the databases and servers ? ...
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1 answer

Integrating MongoDB metrices with Cloud watch

We are hosting mongodb in AWS environment and planning to create incident in Servicenow using AWS Cloud watch alarm facility Has anyone integrated MongoDB Monitoring metrices with Cloud watch to ...
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