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Questions tagged [android]

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0 answers

Proceeds JOIN only if condition met on the Owner table

I have many hasOne relationships like this: components component_headings component_images Here one Component can only have one hasOne to any of [headings, images]. Logically when a Component.type =...
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App Crash due to Sqlite database Locked Exception

I am having an Android app with read only local sqlite database. Also I have use Sqlite Asset Manager for the local database. import android.content.Context; import com.readystatesoftware.sqliteasset....
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SQLite - get every row that has a common entry in the second column

I am working on an Android studios project and I have a table that has two columns item and listname. I want to get all the items that have a common Listname so in this case if I were looking for ...
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Is it possible to set SQLite DB on server and connect to it in an Android app?

I'm creating an app as a study project. One of requirements is not to hardcode. For this reason, I want to get data from DB with every start of the app and change data stored in DB outside of the app ...
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Optimal query using indexes

I have an sqlite table Task(type INT ,due_date LONG) where due_date is stored in epoch TYPE DUE_DATE ---- ---------- 1 1582038293 1 1485034292 2 1082048291 3 ...
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Moving for the first time to sql [closed]

I have been doing the backends of my android apps with Firebase for a long time but it is not a good database so I decided to move to mySQL for my next project. Is that possible to build a free ...
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Designing a database for Reading Comprehension

So I am building an RC app that will require me to fetch data. I have data in Excel sheet and I would like to load the data in sqlite database. But I am having trouble designing the db. A little ...
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2 answers

Correct organization of the database structure and selection

Sorry for newbie question. For example, there is some kind of abstract device, we will call the Device class and the tasks for it: Task1, Task2, Task3. For concreteness, I will describe everything in ...
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