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How do I store a password in such a way that I can obtain the plain-text password again?

Consider the following scenario: My app is utilizing a third-party API which requires a username and password for authentication. Unlike most APIs, which have one username and password set for the ...
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How to use sp_execute_external_script to fetch USD Rate from an API and update a table?

I have this code that gives this error -- Set the API URL SET @url = '
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Database design question around nested columns vs separate tables

I am working with an API endpoint in Power Query where the data is a bunch of nested tables. When I expand all of those columns I am getting duplicate data (the total count of the rows is nearly 8 ...
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Growing SQL Server Data Warehouse - How to reorganize efficiently?

we've been using SQL Server for quite a while now in our company to host all application data. We use a typical set-up with data being loaded from various data sources into a Staging Area, which ...
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Does the BigQuery API offer a way to retrieve info on scheduled queries?

Using the BigQuery C# API, I can retrieve a list of job IDs: BigQueryClient _client = BigQueryClient.Create(...); ... foreach (var page in _client.ListJobs(projectId).AsRawResponses()) if (page....
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Am I abusing Row Level Security? (RLS)

I have set up a classic SQL Server Multi Tenant DB, Shared Database, Shared Schema, will be cloud hosted in Azure. All access to the DB is via a minimal api. Every row has a tenantId, with a SQL ...
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MySQL's mysql_affected_rows() detects `SELECT INTO` as affected row

Dump of the test database: -- MariaDB dump 10.19 Distrib 10.9.6-MariaDB, for Linux (x86_64) -- -- Host: localhost Database: book -- ------------------------------------------------------ -- Server ...
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What should the schema look like for an API-based SaaS product?

I'm building a developer tool product, which will be accessible solely by APIs. Following are a few features I've identified that will be needed: Issuing/refreshing API keys Purchasing API credits ...
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MariaDB Maxscale REST API can't show result [closed]

hi i have already setup maxadmin on maxscale can access from rest api this is my configuration ..... [CLI_Service] type=service router=cli [CLI_Listener] type=listener service=CLI_Service ...
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Listing function input and output details for stored functions in Postgres 11.5+

I'm trying to build a query that extracts the input and output definitions for the functions in a schema. We've got multiple client types written in multiple languages, and plan to move many queries ...
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ORDER from 2 tables to achieve a specific order returned by an API

There's an external API that returns image similarities, based on an "image ID" and a "image version" (a same image can have multiple versions). The similarity ORDER is given by the API. The API ...
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[Linux LEAP 15.1][mariadb 10.4.3][C API] The UTF8 characters are not handled as before (10.2.9)

This C source code extract is expected to execute a query... but even if I change the name of the table from "Localités" to "Localites", the program no longer display the utf8 characters as the ...
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System.Web in SQL Server CLR Function

I have done some light research into this topic and I would like to know what are all the pro's and con's or enabling/registering this particular .dll within SQL Server? Back information - we are ...
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Possible to update rows with data only accessible via API call?

I'm not good at what I'm working on so apologies if some of my terminology is off. Also not sure if this belongs here, or in a more programming oriented area. I am looking for options to update ...
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