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What's the best way to archive all but current year and partition the table at the same time

Task Archive off all but a rolling 13 month period from a group of large tables. The archived data must be stored in another database. The database is in simple recovery mode The tables are 50 mil ...
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SQL Partition Function without actual values [duplicate]

I would like to partition a column by fiscalyear. How Do I create a partition function without harding coding values? This is what I currently have below. create table dbo.CustomerAccount ( ...
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What is the quickest way to purge data?

Scenario: We have two tables Tbl1 & Tbl2 on the Subscriber Server. The Tbl1 is being replicated from Publisher Server A and it has two triggers - insert and update. The triggers are inserting and ...
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Database archive solutions

In continuation to a question posted by me on Is it a good idea to move high-volume and highly-accessed tables to a separate database?, am looking out for different techniques/solutions available for ...
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Managing a SQL Server database with over one terabyte of data [closed]

Recently we have an audit database that went over one terabyte and, since we have storage problems, management is looking for options. My proposal is at the end of each year we take a backup and ...
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Moving Transaction Data To Another Database For Reporting Purpose

We got a requirement from our developer group, to do the followings: Frequently (every 30mins) move the transaction data out of live database to another database Secondary database will be utilize ...
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Archiving data from logging db (high writes, no reads)

I have a logging database with a few lookup tables and one massive event table that has 79 million rows. On busy days my code inserts over 3 million rows, so the event table would be enormous in ...
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How to move old data to cheap hard drive

I have a quite big PostgreSQL database (with timescale plugin). Right now it is consuming about 500Gb on a SSD. Most of the data is in the form of time series. In most cases data older than a few ...
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DB2 - Archive Mode - on what values to set LOGPRIMARY,LOGSECOND,LOGFILSIZ?

we must set our database from CIRCULAR to ARCHIVE mode in order to enable ONLINE backups. Backups will be done every 1 day. Database is now almost 30GB. Database grows approximately 1GB per month. ...
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