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PostgreSQL PREPARE query with IN () parameters

I'm trying to prepare a query from PHP like: pg_prepare($con, "prep", "select * from test where tid in ($1)"); and then execute it with: $strpar = "3,4,6,8,10"; pg_execute($con, "prep", array($...
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Is there are way to use Fine Grain Auditing to record Varray bind values?

I have an application, and would like to use Oracle's FGA (Fine Grained-Auditing) to record varray bind information. Specifically, I am using Oracle Spatial and need to know at what extent users are ...
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How to turn JSON array into Postgres array?

I have a column data of type json that holds JSON documents like this: { "name": "foo", "tags": ["foo", "bar"] } I would like to turn the nested tags array into a concatenated string ('foo, ...
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Cycle or something similar in PL/SQL

Quite often it is necessary to do some repetetive operations / few line queries against set of objects. Let's say you have a list of accounts to unlock via alter user %username% account unlock and ...
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storing arrays or images in a database table

I'm a beginner with both database design and use of forums such as this one so forgive me if I forget to provide some relevant information below. Basically I'm trying to store a set of arrays, in ...
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Dealing with data stored as arrays in a MySQL DB

So I know storing arrays in a DB field is wrong and would never do it myself, however a 3rd party plugin my company is using stores data in an array and I was wondering if you could help me try to ...
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Transpose two-dimensional array from n rows to 2 columns

Background Using PostgreSQL 9.1, so WITH ORDINAL (a 9.4 feature) is not available. Problem Looking to simplify the code that pivots a two-dimensional array. Code A working, overly-verbose example ...
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Pass a table array as a parameter to an upsert function in postgresql

i have an UPSERT function which works well but i update and insert records in batches, can this function be modified so that i just pass all the records to this function as an array then it will ...
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Checking of one specific element of one array is in another array?

Suppose I have two arrays. One looking like (3, 9, 10, 39), and one looking like (4, 10, 9, 48, 391, 2). How would I (through pure MySQL) check if one of the elements in the first array is inside the ...
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Selecting with varbinary(max) criteria (in the where clause)

Basic info Database: SQL Server Express 2008 R2 Client: SQL Server Management Studio Backround (skip if not interested): A project I'm maintaining uses an ORM, which apparently stored my enum ...
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How to pass a table type with an array field to a function in postgresql

i have a table called book CREATE TABLE book ( id smallint NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, bname text, btype text, bprices numeric(11,2)[], CONSTRAINT key PRIMARY KEY (id ) ) and a ...
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ERROR: could not find array type for datatype information_schema.sql_identifier

I am trying to run the below sql command: SELECT ARRAY( SELECT column_name FROM information_schema.columns WHERE table_name ='gis_field_configuration_stage' ); and I get the below ...
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Postgresql - Internal Array handling - array type or pointer type

I have a question, about the internal handling of array columns in Postgres. Does the engine handle it as a classical array with memory alloc or is it somehow a pointer list. It would be interesting ...
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How to preserve the original order of elements in an unnested array?

Given the string: 'I think that PostgreSQL is nifty' I would like to operate on the individual words found within that string. Essentially, I have a separate from which I can get word details and ...
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Retrieve Indices of Associative Array as Collection

In PL/SQL, suppose I have some associative array defined as follows: declare type a_arr_t is table of PLS_INTEGER index by PLS_INTEGER; a_arr a_arr_t; I then, sparsely, populate the ...
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Pass an array or record to a function in PostgreSQL?

I have a task to pass arrays, records, and in some cases array of records as a parameter to functions in PostgreSQL.
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