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Questions tagged [aws-aurora]

Managed cloud database service‎ from Amazon Web Services, available for Postgres or MySQL.

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AWS Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless: How do you pre-warm the shared buffer after scaling?

I'm using AWS Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless with autoscaling. It appears as though scaling clears the shared buffer, so right when we want to crank out the performance, we are forced to face-plant with ...
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Could not start WAL streaming, replication slot is active

I want to set up replication between two of my databases. One is an Aurora database in PG 10 the publisher, and the other one is an RDS database in PG 10. But I'm facing an issue, I have 500 GB of ...
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Aurora PostgreSQL database using a slower query plan than a normal PostgreSQL for an identical query?

Following the migration of an application and its database from a classical PostgreSQL database to an Amazon Aurora RDS PostgreSQL database (both using 9.6 version), we have found that a specific ...
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AWS Aurora queries much slower in "sending data" phase than RDS instance

I've been using an RDS instance during the development phase of a project. This was a db.t2.micro instance, so not very powerful at all. Today I have created a new Aurora (5.6) [serverless] database ...
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RAISE NOTICE doesn't work as expected while using within Dynamic SQL block

I have a small piece of code to get all sequences and the current and maximum value of all sequences in a database. I have tried with recursive and some other alternatives through plain sqls, however ...
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Extremely slow COUNT query on Aurora Postgress Serverless v2 with two tables

I'm designing a web application where sellers can offer their cars, banks provide various financing offers (e.g. 36 months, 25% downpayment, 25% final payment). Buyers come to this web app and they ...
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Time zone conversion in DMS from DB2 to Aurora Postgres

Challenge We are using AWS DMS to convert data from IBM DB2 into AWS Auroa Postgres IBM DB2 server is set to Eastern time (ET) zone. Timestamp related data inside DB2 is therefore in ET. Findings AWS ...
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Aurora Serverless - tables are empty after successful insert

I have MySQL 5.7.12 running on Aurora Serverless, and I've created a database with a table: mysql> show create database tpcc\G *************************** 1. row *************************** ...
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