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Bigtable is a wide-column NoSQL data storage system designed and built by Google.

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Is it possible to directly run BigQuery queries against protobuf data in BigTable (single timestamp rows / timeseries data)?

Is it possible to directly run BigQuery queries against protobuf serialized data in an external BigTable table? If not, what's a good pattern for importing BigTable data (and in the process of ...
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How does instagram handle top likes when there are millions of likes for a particular post?

Under each Instagram post is a text like this : friendA, friendB and 32,312 others liked this post Saving count of likes in a column can be an easy way to get related data. But the fact that ...
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Are there bigtable uses that are anti-patterns? Especially, will doing many writes of the same data (same key) be an issue?

I've been using Cassandra and have run into various problems with Tombstones¹. These would cause detrimental issues when I would later run a query. For example, if I overwrite the same few rows over ...
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suggestion needed for big data development [closed]

I am trying to find out what is state of the art with database, python, and big data. My starting point began with a SQL server, and multiprocessing pandas, and dask. Imagine I need to maintain a ...
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Choosing right database for storing bank transactions

I am starting a new project within GCP and I am trying to choose a right tool for storing bank transactions: I don't need transactions, these will be basically write-only, no updates I don't need ...
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How to speed up an insertion from a huge table with postgres?

I have 5 tables in my database with respectively a size of 70Gb, 500Mb, 400 Mb, 110Mb and 20 Mb. I want to create a new table that contains all columns of all tables, so I tried 2 queries, the first ...
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Can you use BigQuery to run on top of Bigtable

I need to run BigQuery on top of Bigtable live, not as an export. I have found the information stating it was in beta but only as an export function. I would like to run BigQuery against Bigtable data ...
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Replacing an aggregation system of statistics

We currently have a database under MySQL, storing aggregated statistics in different tables (recent hours, hours, days, months). The tables are updated by workers running at different rates depending ...
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Why can't we perform joins in a distributed database like Bigtable?

From this answer to "What database does Google use?": Bigtable is not a relational database. It does not support joins nor does it support rich SQL-like queries. Is this obvious? I do not ...
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What are the performance implications of polymodels versus normal Bigtable models in Google App Engine?

What produces the best performance in regular Google App Engine use, a polymodel or a normal "Bigtable" model? The polymodel, effectively, creates a column in the parent table called "class" which ...
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