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Bitnami is a company that packages many databases (and other software) as images and Helm charts.

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Why doesn't my PostgreSQL helm dependency database exist when I try to connect?

Previously when I using the Bitnami Helm chart by way of Terraform to deploy PostgreSQL, I would have a database created. Now I no longer have a database created. I'm using same connect string same ...
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bitnami /opt/bitnami/mysql/data increases in size by itself

how are you? I have been trying to solve this for a long time and I have not been able to, the case is like this. I have an instance in amazon lightsail it was 1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 40 GB SSD but due to ...
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How to use timescale-bitnami image on Windows?

Since there are issues with collations in the default alpine-based timescaledb images, I tried to use the bitnami-image. But I get an error on startup. docker run ^ -p 5432:5432 ^ -v tsdb-bitnami:/...
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How to change default mongo port on a bitnami instance

I am running a bitnami instance of mongodb for our pre-production. The default port for mongo is 27017. But for security reasons i want to change it but it is not possible. I have tried these things: ...
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