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mysql build error on Raspberry Pi Model 3A+ with Raspbian

I am building MySQL version 8.0.37 on a Raspberry Pi Model 3A+ with the Raspbian OS. I have encountered several build errors regarding missing dependancies and resolved them. I am now faced with an ...
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Can't link building C++ application with pqxx library

I had to re-install my operating system and I switched from Ubuntu 22.04 to Linux Mint 21.2. I installed PostgreSQL 16 from the postgres repository. It seems to work fine. Then I downloaded libpqxx 7....
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NpgsqlParameter Array of smallints is receiving 0 instead of null value from postgres

I got strange result with NpgsqlParameter in C++/CLI project. NpgsqlParameter^ status = wCMD->Parameters->Add(gcnew NpgsqlParameter("param1", NpgsqlDbType::Array | NpgsqlDbType::...
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Always Encrypt C++

Our client application is developed in C++ and uses ODBC Driver (Version 17) to connect to remote SQL database. We have enabled Always Encrypt option to encrypt the data. Using proper flags in ...
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Always Encrypted SQL Server : How to insert / updated using C++ code?

I have set the Always Encrypted option to my table columns. Now I need to insert or update my table from my C++ Client application. I know that we need to declare params and use them for Always ...
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SQL Server 2019 running 100% on only 1-2 cores with MAXDOP 8 to 14

Here is the background on this issue. I am inserting slightly over 1 million records into a table from within a C++ program using ADO. One row at a time is read in from flat file and converted info a ...
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Serialize MYSQL_RES

I have 2 servers (One for Database Connections and one or more for client connections) running in a machine. The job of the database connections server is to fetch data from MySQL database (Aurora) ...
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How to start building your own DBMS (based on PostgreSQL)?

I'd like to learn how to make a DBMS (relational), based on PostgreSQL specifically. Not for production purposes to make a commercial product but to learn. I plan on using C++ but, it's not exactly ...
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