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Should a database 'administrator' have the ability to deep dive into runtime query performance issues?

I acknowledge that everyone's experience and abilities are different. Having said that, I want to avoid setting expectations too high (or too low) for a DBA that through actions; appears to be an '...
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What are the necessary course requirements to become a DBA? [closed]

Before some of you say it is related to other posts, let me tell you that I am more interested about schooling and getting my Master's degree not necessary learn SQL and such. I just graduated with a ...
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Database development/admin - What exactly should I be trying to learn? [closed]

(I tried posting to but was told this might be a better place) My apologies if this isn't true I've been a bit weary about approaching learning databases. I've dabbled into them before,...
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DBA to work from home [closed]

I was wondering is it feasible or doable to work from home as a DBA or Database designer/developer or Business intelligence developer. I have seen developers doing great working from home, but can ...
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Possible career paths for Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) [closed]

In order to be confident in databases as a entry level job candidate, I completed the OCA certification. Now I want to know what career paths follow this. Can one go into data-mining, BI, or R&...
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The Value of Certifications [closed]

Questions What certifications do you have? Has your certification (or lack of one) ever worked for or against you? Do you intend to reach out for certification? Do you renew your certifications? If ...
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how did you become a DBA? [closed]

maybe this is more of a wiki type question, but I'd like to learn more about the (no doubt many) paths taken to become a DBA. What path lead you to become a DBA?
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How can I learn to become a DBA?

Question for you DBAs and such: How do you go about learning the skills to become a DBA without having the 'on hands' or on-the-job training? My experience in DB work has been messing with MySQL via ...
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