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Visualize the effects of a cascading delete or update?

In MySQL, I'm working with a database that has integrity constraints on foreign keys (nothing overly special here). Is there a method to somehow visualize the effects of a cascading delete or update? ...
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Why does a cascade delete cause such high logical reads?

I am doing some testing and have a simple setup. An order table linked to a customer table via a foreign key with On cascade delete. There is a unique nonclustered index on the (customer_id, order_id) ...
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SET NULL fails with consecutive cascade operations

I have tables for country/province/district/commune/village. Each have a foreign key on its parent with a cascade delete. I then have a location table with foreign keys to each tables above with a ...
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Changing Action on Delete to Cascade

We have a rather big database (about 400'000'000 records) in roughly 100 tables. The foreign keys in these tables are defined, so that No Action is taken, when deleting data from a table. We now have ...
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"ON UPDATE" in self referencing table

I have a table Category with a parent_id column referencing the self id column, for this, I used "ON DELETE CASCADE" meaning if the parent is deleted, other children would be deleted too. At ...
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Foreign key cascade & triggers

I have a question on how to elaborate a schema in PostgreSQL which involves: A trigger function used to keep a certain consistency calculation in a table; A foreign key whose value in the original ...
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