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The process of managing change to systems (software and/or hardware) to mitigate risks and control when, where, what, and how changes move and who is allowed to move them.

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How to transfer DDL changes between different stages?

What technical solutions are available to track DDL changes and transfer them between different stages (e.g. DEV -> QA -> PROD) on postgreSQL databases? Is there a common mechanism to do that?
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How do I organize database initialization so it can be executed in a fixed order?

I am trying to update an established database system to leverage change management. The main point is to make the development and production environments follow the same process. I need help ...
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How to test mysql for changes

I'm OCD person, I think I accidentally dropped something in my mysql. Problem is I've around 50 databases, and I cannot manually check everything :( Is there a way to check for these kind of changes?...
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Database Change Management

What are ways in which teams handle database change management? I have a team of 8 developers making database changes concurrently. Each developer is responsible for updating their changes in what we ...
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SELECTs in Database Change Log and Source Control

We are overhauling the way that we store our database in source control and keep a change log of it. I was reading the following article:, ...
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Handling SQL updates for production deployments

I'm researching for quite a long time now (about two months) and haven't found a good approach for this, so I'll ask you experts out there in the hope of some enlightenment. I run a pretty ...
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SQL Server Comparison

I am merging two different versions of a database. I want to add some specific fields from source database to destination, so I used Visual Studio to do that. It does the job quite well but only table ...
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Changing the SQL Server service account - any additional considerations?

I have inherited a few instances that are running under LocalSystem. I need to change this to a domain account as we are changing our backup strategy to go to a network share and then to tape and I ...
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Changes to main Database during Transactional Replication

Can you please advise how can I keep slave database up to date while it's in transactional replication with master. I mean what If I change indexes, columns, tables or sthm else in master dabase? ...
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When using a master plus multiple slaves, how do I change over from one server to a brand new one with minimal downtime?

In my particular case, I'm using Heroku Postgres (repackaged Amazon EC2 instances running PostgreSQL), but platform-agnostic answers are also good! Heroku's instructions describe the process for ...
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What mechanisms do you use to notify third parties of future schema changes?

How do you notify third parties of future SQL Server schema changes other than through external documentation? I've started implementing a deprecation warning extended property on objects that will ...
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Storing Changes To Records

Everything I am talking about relate to relational database, specific MySQL. I have a number of tables in a database and for a moderate number of them, I am going to want to store a history of the ...
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Best practices for change management with indexes

Our IT shop is first starting to build a group of DBA's. All of us (myself included) have come over from the application development/architecture world, so the DBA world is still fairly new to us. ...
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