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For the visual representation of data in histograms, scatter plots etc. For node and vertex data models use [graph].

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creating a Pie Chart in SSRS

how can I create the pie chart that displays the Count of columns with filters like ( Active Paths / Courses / Sections /----- this is my column name )from 4 different tables and combined them in one ...
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What is the advantage of setting a character column as VARCHAR(32) over VARCHAR(255)

What is the advantage of setting a database column VARCHAR(32) over VARCHAR(255) even though the two of them consume 2-byte memory?
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Grouping data into 5 minute intervals within a time range

I am trying to prepare data for a candle stick chart. I have some records on MySQL database as shown below: | Rate | Date | |----------|---------------------| | 0.001111 | 2017-11-...
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How to fill gaps with calendar table, count and group by

I'm building a bar chart. I would like a query which counts the entries from a particular day and groups them together as one row with a count. I have the following query working and I have a working ...
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Open Source tools to visualise MySQL/MariaDB performance metrics (show global status with interval)

I'm searching for an Open Source tool to visualise MySQL/MariaDB performance metrics (output of show global status in nice graphs). In MongoDB world there is the Closed Source Ops Manager and the ...
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SSRS - Graph Line Value for Parameter

For the purpose of reporting database growth, I am created everything except one and most important thing. In SSDT I'm created report, which contains graph line which need to be show in depend of ...
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How does one create a data base for a survey/questionnaire? [duplicate]

I need to create a database for a wordy questionnaire. At the end I want to be able to graph my information. Where can I do this?
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Plotting graphs for MYSQL

I was executing following command mysqladmin ext -i1 -c3600 It produces valuable output but I want to use the output to plot graphs so that I can visualize inserts, updates, buffer and other stuff. ...
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