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Does CUBRID have Information Schema Views?

I am trying to access the Information Schema views as defined in SQL92, and cannot find any in the CUBRID RDBMS. Has CUBRID implemented this specification and how can I access them? CUBRID version: ...
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Oracle PLSQL code recovery

I cannot connect to my database as admin, even using connect descriptor neither via RMAN. I am getting TNS-12514 error. I consider to install new instance. Questions: 1) Can I restore/recover PLSQL ...
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SQL to check if a certain time duration occurs within a particular period of the day

I'm working with data that has a start datetime and end datetime column for each event which can be a short period of time (Few hours) up to a number of days in duration. I'm trying to establish a way ...
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I want to select many columns from many tables without foreign key

I have three tables, and I want to fetch the three table data without a foreign key. Say I have a table product_1 which contains (id, name) and table product_2 contain (id, name, price). I want to ...
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