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Best practices for committing a transaction in SQL Server where TRY CATCH is used

In a SQL Server code block, what is the best place to place the commit transaction? Inside the try catch block or outside it?. For example, is option A or option B the correct approach or are they ...
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1 answer

Improve select query performance

The following select query from my application is taking more than 200ms. The table has around 2 million rows. Is there any ways to improve the performance of this query ? select count(id) from ...
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Does CUBRID have Information Schema Views?

I am trying to access the Information Schema views as defined in SQL92, and cannot find any in the CUBRID RDBMS. Has CUBRID implemented this specification and how can I access them? CUBRID version: ...
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Oracle PLSQL code recovery

I cannot connect to my database as admin, even using connect descriptor neither via RMAN. I am getting TNS-12514 error. I consider to install new instance. Questions: 1) Can I restore/recover PLSQL ...
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How can I get this code to work? It's in mysql, I keep getting an error 1822' failed to add foreign key constraint. Missing index for constraint' [closed]

CREATE TABLE EMPLOYEE ( employeeNumber VARCHAR (15) NOT NULL, employeeName VARCHAR (20) NOT NULL, department VARCHAR (10) NOT NULL, phone INT NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (employeeName, department) ...
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3 answers

What is back-end programming? [closed]

I like to know what exactly is the back-end programming? Does it include offline databases? Everyone who designs and creates databases and tables is a back-end programmer? What do they mean exactly by ...
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I am trying to run this code and I get an error at line 11 [closed]

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `tblproduct` ( `id` int(8) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `code` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `image` text NOT NULL, `price` double(10,2) NOT ...
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MYSQL - Operand should contain 1 column(s) - Nested Case statement [closed]

I have written the below query with nested case statements. The syntax checks out but when I run it I receive error code 1241: Operand should contain only 1 column(s). I have attempted to remove the ...
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Access Send Email. Loop Not Building Table

I’m stumped on this one. I have an action item list on a fairly large Project Management DB. This list is datasheet that is embedded as a subform on a PopUp form from the Main Menu. On the Action Item ...
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SQL to check if a certain time duration occurs within a particular period of the day

I'm working with data that has a start datetime and end datetime column for each event which can be a short period of time (Few hours) up to a number of days in duration. I'm trying to establish a way ...
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MySQL code error [closed]

Can someone please tell what is wrong with below SQL code? CREATE TABLE student ( student_id INT PRIMARY KEY, first_name VARCHAR(20), major VARCHAR(20), );
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2 answers

I want to select many columns from many tables without foreign key

I have three tables, and I want to fetch the three table data without a foreign key. Say I have a table product_1 which contains (id, name) and table product_2 contain (id, name, price). I want to ...
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