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Questions tagged [codeigniter]

Use ONLY if CodeIgniter is directly relevant to the question, e.g. how to use the database/querying features that are offered by CodeIgniter.

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Optimize a query multiple tables & Multiple conditions

I need to optimize the query which has multiple joins. And also with multiple OR AND conditions which varies depending upon the user input. The query which gets generated is: SELECT as ...
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Codeignier---sql database [duplicate]

[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Column 'TantraBackup00.GuildName' is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause....
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Get the last ID after INSERT the PostgreSQL database with PgBouncer

Previously we used PostgreSQL 9 with PgBouncer in session mode, and with that was able to easily create a new record and get the last ID with pg_get_serial_sequence and CURRVAL. INSERT INTO "...
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Azure database - unable to locate in my Azure account

I have an Azure account where a developer that used to work with me has set up an MSSQL database on an Ubuntu VM. The PHP (CodeIgniter) system I am working on logs in (so database queries work ...
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MySQL query takes too long in codeigniter

I've made this query SELECT id,name,iupac_name,inchi_key,molecular_weight,molecular_formula,exact_molecular_mass FROM compound WHERE name LIKE '%quer%' OR iupac_name LIKE '%quer%' OR ...
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MYSQL - how can use a field of current record as a where clause in a sub query

Ok. I want these info from each user record. user.username user.fullname report_qty so the first two fields exist in the user table. but the last one should be computed from ther tables. i have a ...
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"undefined function pg_pconnect()" when connecting to Postgres from CodeIgniter

I just installed Postgresql and pgadmin in my Ubuntu system. I can create a database from the pgadmin interface and everything seems ok, but when I try to connect to the database from my CodeIgniter ...
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