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Business Intelligence/reporting tool from IBM.

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Cognos, modifying canned report. Namespace of tag doesn't exist

I want to modify a canned report to add more information to what it already provides. However, when I go to one of the data items, to see where it originates from so that I can know where to add my ...
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MySQL replicated tables for Cognos BI

the Business Intelligence guy is asking for faster machines, latest software etc. and some of his customers are complaining of query times in excess of an hour. The tool is Cognos/Insight and the DB ...
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Advices for modeling facts, time hierarchies based on two conditions

Sorry if my question does not belong to that SE but I tried to find the best place and it ended up here. My problem is this : I've got a table modeled as this in our datawarehouse env. : MYTABLE (...
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Solutions for reporting off of an EAV structured database?

Existing setup SQL Server 2005 with standard EAV table that users want to slice and dice with a BI tool (Cognos). Is there any hope that we can transform this data into a format that we can report ...
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What are the differences between Cognos and SPSS modeler products?

My school wants to start doing some data mining, and probably go with an IBM product. I've done a fair amount of searching, but the differences between the two products seem cloudy to those of us who ...
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How do I resolve this data source connection issue with Cognos?

We have (fairly recently) installed IBM's Cognos 10 as our business intelligence reporting tool. Most of the databases that we report over are DB2 9.7 LUW Enterprise Edition. We installed the DB2 ...
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looking for a lighter alternative to cognos express [closed]

I have a client that has about 10 staff. They want to add business intelligence services to an existing MySql database. It is a database containing purchasing and readership data for publications ...
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